Our plans to partner with The GORSE Academies Trust in September continue at a pace, and our name on 1st Sepetmber will be Boston Spa Academy.

I have written two letters home, which are both on our website. The first is my usual end of term letter, the second focuses on the introduction of Positive Discipline (PD).  Mrs Ryder has written a PD booklet for your information. We led assemblies on the introduction of PD for all our children this week, and it will be the focus of our staff training day tomorrow. If you have further questions about the introduction of PD you can contact Mrs Ryder via Reception.



On Tuesday we had a lovely evening celebrating the highest effort scores in Years 9 and 10.





Congratulations to Alfred Allanach,  Molly Bailey-Hague,  Thomas Berry,  Harry Botterill,  Harry Boulton, Megan Collins,  Abbie Hedley,  Chloe Ireland,  Saskia Irwin,  Luke Jessey, Pippa Linden-Howes,  Jacob Nicholson,  Georja O’Neill,  Millie Thomson,  Jacob Ward,  Oakley Waters,  Alex Williams and Harvey Williams.





Congratulations to Lily-Rose Barker,  Julia Cole,  Lauren Day,  Eva-Jae Douthwaite,  Lily Dowson, Abbie Dunwell,  Jade Fletcher,  Fermanagh Gibbins-Noble,  Stella Jaquiss, Anna Keag,  Frank Lawrence,  Thomas March,  Charlotte Mason,  William Naylor,  Ben Nicholson,  Nadia Schottler,  Caitlin Simpson,  Daniel Stannard, Abbie Summerfield,  Alistair Thompson,  Lily Thompson and Elise Wortley.

The PowerPoint from the evening is here, and there are more photos here .





I was pleased that Mrs Howes could present a Governors’ Award, on behalf of the School Governors, to Cerys Bevan (Cooper).  A very well deserved award for Cerys.





Well done to Amelia Edwards and Isabel Laurie (Cooper); Terisha Ndebele and Luke Jessey (Donaldson); and Annaliese Irwin and Alex Williams (Thompson) who were presented with their Gold awards.






Congratulations to Laird Ferguson and Jake Rogers (Bucktrout); Hugo Burns-Danforth, Dion Clements-Smith, Toby Dunwell, Isabelle Gildon and Anna Keag (Cooper); Emily Adair, Kieran Bennett-Whitmore, Ebony Hartley, Millicent Heffernan, Katie Locker, Toby Belford-McDowell and Charlie Skelton (Donaldson) and Lois Smith, Chardonnay Stewart-Savery, Megan Collins and Harry Dyson (Thompson) on achieving their Silver Awards’ .




Well done to Cameron Scott (Bucktrout); Matthew Ames, Ben Nicholson, Luke Mochrie, and Joe Young (Donaldson) who were awarded their Bronze badges.




Well done to Saskia Benjamin (Bucktrout) who won the last Roper Cup of the term,  and to Maryam Kotia (Donaldson) and Luke Neary, Scarlett Walker and Kalim Khawaja (Thompson) who all had a good week.



A special mention is due to Lucy Stanton, who had the most CC points in the whole year. Well done Lucy, a great achievement.







Well done to Maya Schottler, Millie Morrell, Frazer Rollings, Lois Smith, Alizee Joly, Shanelle Macfarlane, Bradley Wood, Charlotte Hemsley, Ella Hulbert, Sophie Skelton, Roya Ikhlasi, Declan Tasker and Isabella Wade who were presented with Edge Apprentice certificates this week.







The Shield for earning the most CC points in the year was won by Donaldson; the Charities Cup was won by Bucktrout, raising £1,413.  Jaideep Matharu and Millie Thompson hold the Quiz Cup for Thompson and the Sports Day trophy was won by Bucktrout.







We were delighted by the work of the ‘8RH’ tutor group this week. Their tutor Mrs Rushton writes, ‘we are very privileged to have so many different cultural backgrounds represented in our tutor group and this week we celebrated this with a food festival. Students and their families made foods from their own cultures. Our tutor group  believe it is important to celebrate our different cultural backgrounds and we really enjoyed doing this through food, ranging from ‘akoeksistera’, (a sweet snack from Africa), salt fish fritters (from the Caribbean), and pierogi (from eastern Europe)’.


We were really proud of them, and although they did raise money Mrs Rushton explained the main reason for the event was, “a response to all of the tragic events that have happened in recent months and to challenge the hostility and hatred preached by the few on the national stage with a demonstration of a kinder and more tolerant society within our school community”. They are donating the money raised to the Jo Cox Foundation.





We are really proud of the students who have chosen to given up time after their exams to participate in the National Citizen Service initiative. They will undertake a residential, discover new skills and undertake a social enterprise.  Well done to Josh Mitchell, Megan Evans, Kennedy Johnson, Kieron McDonnell, Toby Gacquin, Tiger Kato, Sephora Ndombasi, Alexandra Waldron, Ewan Connell, Fred Downes, Daisy Chen and Jamie Jaskolka.





Congratulations to Mr Billington and his family who welcomed Elsie Agnes this week, weighing in 8lbs 15oz.







Our Year 12s have continued on their work experience this week.  Here are Holly Avis (working in our Science Department), Georgia Lumb (Fieldhead Carr Primary), Charlie Clarkson (St James’ Hospital), Catherine Drake (Scholes Primary School), Joe Lawson (British Heart Foundation) and Katie Midgley (Vital Technology Group).



Last weekend Harriet Lee in Year 12 competed in the youth category in the National Series 6 Sailing competition and finished 23rd out of a total of 130 entrants. In the overall National Series standings Harriet finished 3rd in the female category, 1st in the Youth category and 11th overall. A brilliant achievement.




This week Year 10 students were given the opportunity to experience life in Sixth Form lessons. Students chose from a range of subjects available in Year 12 but which they will not have encountered at GCSE, such as Economics, Psychology, Politics, Further Maths, Photography and BTECs.   Abby Walsh and Kirsty Tooby said their Psychology taster lesson where they were studying Milgram and Schizophrenia was “fascinating”, whilst Kacey Holme enjoyed Further Maths and Megan Langton found Photography “new and exciting”.  Year 10 students have all been interviewed about their post-16 choices and will embark on university visits, including Oxford and Leeds Beckett in October.







This Wednesday Mr Brennan’s Year 10 History group visited the Thackray Medical Museum to supplement their recent work on the AQA GCSE ‘Britain: Health and the People’ unit. The students worked their way through the fascinating exhibits which explained in depth the improvements over the past 200 years in surgery, medical treatments, public health and understanding of infectious diseases.  Hermime Pryce and Ibti Hasan found that the visit was full of surprises, none more so than the smell of the 1842 street scene and the talking toilet, and the rather graphic leg amputation video!








We held our annual Sports Celebration Assembly on Friday in which we celebrate the participation and achievement of the teams across Years 7-10.  This year’s event involved over 140 pupils who participated in 25 different teams across 14 different sports. The teams of the year were announced as the Year 7 Basketball, the Year 8 Gaelic Football, Year 9 Girls’ football and the Year 10 Boys’ football.  The Sports Personality of the Year Awards (as voted for by peers) went to the following: Year 7 – Eva Jenkins and Luke Neary, Year 8 – Holly Burns- Danforth and Ravi Natarajan, Year 9 – Emily Mitchell and Luke Jessey and Year 10 – Abbie Dunwell and Jack Jenkins.


Thank you for your support for school over this year; we are looking forward to next year with great confidence. The next blogs will be for the summer results. I hope you and yours have a safe, restful and happy holiday.


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