On Tuesday it is our annual Open Evening. Lessons will end at 12.30 on this day, and the Open Evening will start at 6.00pm. Sir John Townsley and I will speak at 6.15pm and again at 7.00pm. Please feel free to let families who may be interested in joining Boston Spa Academy know of our arrangements; please also point them to our results. 


How have the new year 7s found starting at Boston Spa Academy?

Richard Pajor-Mazur                                 Bramham Primary School

The teachers are very polite in this school because they help us students and help us progress. Our lessons have ‘Purple Zone’ which is where you are challenged to do the hardest work of the lesson.  This part is done independently and always done in purple pen. The learning is so good. I like Geography because Mr Billington is very funny and I want to know more about volcanoes. I don’t really like English but I’m used to it now and I’ve already learnt loads of French.

The friendships in school are great, no-one is mean to one another; there is a zero tolerance of this. The behaviour in the school is better than primary because they knew that they wouldn’t be in much trouble unlike secondary school. The older children from Bramham talk to me and ask me if I’m enjoying High school.




Jess Tucker                                                Thorner  Primary School

Making friends is really easy in Boston Spa Academy as everyone is really friendly and helpful. The older students are very helpful when walking around school and if you get lost there are people on every corridor so don’t be worried.

My favourite part of secondary school so far is probably the meals and the teachers. The meals are delicious and the lunchtime staff are also very kind and helpful so if you get confused with how the school lunches work they are there to help you. The teachers are all so kind and helpful and they are always smiling and encouraging us to do so too. They are amazing and incredibly kind! They are very encouraging and hard working.  They are also very good role models. My favourite subject is Maths because you have to be quick at working and answering questions. I also just LOVE maths.

The work in lessons is very challenging but not so challenging that you can’t do it.  I also personally think that it is better than primary school work as you do more practical things.

Most people assume that they are going to get lost very easily but in my opinion I think that as long as you know which building is which subject then it is really easy to get around.


Archie Robinson                                        Primrose Lane Primary School

After the first day when I got lost, I knew my way round most of the school. The teachers are great and they help you a lot and they comfort you when you feel worried. If you are wondering what the friendships are like, it is really easy to make friends because everyone feels the same way and everyone has the same questions. Most of the time the older students are kind; they understand what it is like to be in Year 7.

The lunches are great and they are really delicious but you can have packed lunch if you like.

I personally think that the learning is the best part of Boston Spa Academy, because the teachers are really kind and they are caring. We have ‘Purple Zone’ where you have 10 or 12 minutes to complete a task in silence; I have found the learning really good as I have learnt a lot and I really enjoy going to school. My favourite subject is Art because I really like to be creative and I like drawing. The behaviour is really good and there are more rules than a normal primary school.

I would recommend coming to Boston Spa Academy because I feel there is enough support for everyone and everyone enjoys coming here Monday to Friday.


Eva Lindley                                                  St Marys Boston Spa Primary School

The friendships are amazing, the teachers put you in classes with at least one person from your school so you have someone there but you have the opportunity to meet someone new. They are very helpful and if you are lost they’ll help you out. You make lots of new friends and the teachers are really nice also you do fun things in class and don’t even realise you are learning.

The lunches are the best, you get lots and they are very nice also.  The dinner ladies are really nice and helpful.

The teachers are really nice and friendly and will make sure you feel welcome. The best bits are the lessons.   You get to try lots of new things and they are much more interesting than in primary. The work in lessons is  more challenging than primary but not too hard that  you don’t understand it. My favourite subjects are DT, Art, Music and PE.

The school is very big but there are lots of people to ask for help and after the first week it’s like you have been here for ever. The school can only be strict, but the students are very well behaved and the behaviour is much better than in primary.


Will McDonald                     Lady Elizabeth Hastings Thorp Arch Primary School

The friendships you can make at Boston Spa Academy will last from year 7 to the end of Sixth Form.  The students are kind and compassionate. The older students will seem to ignore the younger students but they will help you if you are lost or confused.

The lunches at Boston Spa Academy are absolutely delicious.  They are worth the money, they are delicious but the lines for the ordering are a bit long. In my opinion the best bit of Boston Spa Academy is our facilities, Science, DT, PE and Art facilities are amazing.

I have found the work in lessons challenging but not too challenging.  The homework is not too hard and not too easy, plus the standard of work done here is really good.

The layout of the school can be challenging but once you get your head around it, you will know exactly where to go and when.

The teachers here at Boston Spa Academy are really friendly and compassionate.  They understand if you have done something accidently and will forgive you.


Evie Burns                           Deighton Gates Primary School

The friendships at Boston Spa are great; it is really easy to make friends – I’ve got lots of friends.

Finding my way around is quite difficult but you get used to how big it actually is.  Older students are really kind and when I was lost one of the Sixth Form Students helped me get to get to where I needed to be. The lunches are very nice and they are all home-made.  I would recommend them.

The best bit of secondary school is that there is more practical work. I found the work in lesson quite challenging but this is a good thing because it means I’m not going to have easy work and work through it really quick and sit there doing nothing. The teachers are extremely kind and helpful and when I am stuck they always help me. My favourite lesson is History and my teacher Miss Miller is really kind and funny.

Behaviour is very very good, there is a good amount of discipline.

I would recommend Boston Spa because it is a very good school, because the lessons are very enjoyable and the pupils are so kind.



Olivia Cope                                      St James Wetherby Primary School

I recommend Boston Spa Academy because it is very educational and so fun.

The school lunches are delicious, the cook always tries so hard to provide nice, healthy food for all of the pupils

The best part of secondary school, in my opinion, is the change from being one of the oldest to one of the youngest.  Also making new friends and learning new subjects. It is so easy to make friends because everyone is so kind and helpful. The older students treat the new year 7’s with a lot of care and they are extremely helpful when it comes to leading us to the right lessons.

The work in the lessons is miles past perfect, it is fun but challenging and I personally think that lessons are one of the best things about Boston Spa Academy. The teachers are lovely, they are so kind and gentle and they educate the children really well. My favourite subjects are PE, Art, DT and IT. In ‘Purple Zone’ we work in silence doing hard work; it is very good and it is very helpful to get more learning stuck into your brain. I enjoy it very much.

The school does have a lot more discipline than primary but it is all for good reasons.



Amelia Bell                           Barwick In Elmet C of E Primary School

The best thing about secondary school is the lessons because you have a new range of subjects to do and explore. The work in lessons are fun. The most recent lessons include Textiles, Science and so many more. ”Purple Zone” is a way teachers can see your skills.

The lunches at Boston Spa are really nice.  My favourite thing that is on offer are the Jubbly smoothies. They are a nice thing to end my lunch with.

On the first week, I got lost a few times with my friends but now I know my way around school and I help my friends find their classes. The older children are willing to help year 7 students find their classes and they are really kind. Everybody is supportive of each other and they are always there to help you

The teachers are really nice.  Quite a few of them have a great sense of humour and they help you with subjects that you find tricky. My favourite subject is DT.  We are currently doing Textiles and we are making ‘day of the dead’ key rings and beanie buddies.

Boston Spa students behave properly but sometimes they still have a laugh and take things too far.  The school isn’t too strict but they have clear rules that must be followed like any other school.

I would recommend Boston Spa Academy to any Year 6 because it is a school where everyone is welcome and it is better than any other high school.  Everyone is polite and caring to each other.


Jake Rogers                                                            Scholes Primary School

The best thing about secondary school is the learning facilities here. I have found the lessons quite hard and challenging which is good. I have found my way around school OK, but you can always ask someone where to go easily.

The teachers at Boston Spa are really nice and help us with our learning brilliantly. I think the learning is better than I expected. ‘Purple Zone’ is all about working in silence and showing your independence. I really like maths here at Boston Spa.  The behaviour is good and well disciplined.

You can make lots of friends easily. The older students are very helpful and help you find your way around school and dinners are delicious

My bus is very loud and very squeaky.


Vaishali Patel                                              Whinmoor St Pauls Primary School

When you are in year 7, there are lots of other students like yourself so it is very easy to make new friends.

The older students are really kind to the new students; they will show you around the school and to your classes so that you are not late.

Finding your way around the buildings is quite complicated at first but by the end of the first week you will know your way around the whole school. The lunches are delicious.  There are two parts of the hall where you can queue and get your lunch.

In my opinion the best part of secondary school is how polite the students and teachers are. Work in lessons is fun but challenging also. The teachers are extremely polite and helpful. They will show you your way to class, along with the help they give you in class. My favourite subjects are Maths and DT. Lessons have ‘Purple Zone’ which is 10-12 minutes of independent tasks; there are no questions asked although before it starts you can ask questions.  It is silent and it is good because you can show all the progress you have made. The school has strict rules but they help the students.

I go to school on the bus, it is loud but it is easy to make friends on because there will also be lots of year 7’s on that bus that you can sit next to.

I would recommend Boston Spa Academy to a Year 6 because everything is just amazing!


Evie Wood                                                                 Manston Primary School

My favourite part of secondary school are the classes and my new friends.

I have found the work at secondary school

to be challenging and fun at the same time. Finding my way around the building is easier than I thought it would be because teachers and older students help you. The teachers here are very kind and help you in and out of lessons.

I like DT the most because I get it for 2 hours on a Tuesday and it is fun and crafty. The school is stricter than primary school but that is a good thing because it teaches people good behaviour.

I would recommend Boston Spa to others because it is fun and educational at the same time. The friendships in Boston Spa are very good because if you don’t know anyone the older students will help. The treat you like they would want to be treated themselves.

I come to school on a bus but sometimes it could be loud, quiet or both.



Oliver Coomber                                                      White Laith Primary School

I think friendships at Boston Spa are really good and everyone gets along.

The older students are really great and they help us get around. It is hard at first to find  your way around but after the first week it’s easy.

The lunches are great; if you have to eat only one thing it’s the flapjack!

All of the teachers are great and are probably the best part.  The lessons are great and really fun. I love History but I also like English. ”Purple Zone” is where you get your purple pen and write for 10–12 minutes. It is good because it helps you make progress. School is more disciplined than primary school, which is a good thing.

I would recommend Boston Spa Academy because of all the marvellous teachers and amazing lessons. Going by bus is good as you can talk to friends and it is fun. White Laith was absolutely amazing, but this school is probably even better.








Monday saw the first of our regular PD hours where we reflect on last week and celebrate the achievements of our children. Special congratulations are reserved for those whose performance was exceptional. Well done to Ellie Boam, Ellie Driscoll, Grant Ivers, Yasmin Suttle, David Mawson, Sophie Wilkinson, Annaliese Irwin, Nia Hopkins, Jack Clements Smith, Sam Jones, Luke Sowden, Stella Jaquiss, Fermanagh Gibbons-Noble, Billy Gale, Hollie Haigh and Ben Nicholson.


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