We have had an outstanding summer as regards our examination results, and our candidates have distinguished themselves from Year 9 up to Year 13, giving the school its best ever results.


Our 2016 Sixth Form results confirm our place as one of the highest achieving schools in the locality.  25% of our results were awarded at the top grades of A* or A, 50% at A*, A or B and, most importantly, over 94% achieved a university place of their choice, including Oxbridge, London, Durham, York and Edinburgh.

Our ‘Level 3 Value Added’ measure puts the school in line with the national picture.

% ALPS VA466
% ALPS T Score345 (3 Year T Score = 3)
APE224 (C+)215 (C+) (30.27)33.39 (C+)


In the familiar benchmark of ‘5 GCSEs at A* to C including English and Maths’ the school scored 67%, which is over 10% higher than the average for schools in Leeds.

Over 20% of Year 11 achieved 5 or more A and A* grades, 13% achieved 8 or more top grades and 10 students achieved a clean sweep of top grades across 11 subjects. 73% of all GCSEs were graded at A* to C and 23% of all grades were awarded at A* or A.

70% achieved both English and Maths in the new ‘Threshold’ measure, with 81% achieving A* to C in English (compared with 52.3% nationally) and 75% achieving Maths at A* to C (61.3% nationally).

 National all schools 20142013201420152016
E&M Threshold (Previously % A*-C EM)n/an/an/a56%69%
A*-C English Language71.3%55%73%71%74%
A*-C Mathematics70.5%60%67%65%75%
Expected Progress in English70.5%54%77%69%75%
Above Expected Progress in English30.9%19%26%23%25%
Expected Progress in Mathematics66.5%56%63%63%75%
Above Expected Progress in Mathematics30.8%23%26%30%41%
% E Baccalaureate22.8%17%18%23%20%
Progress 80n/an/a+0.08-0.03
Attainment 84.82n/an/a4.945.29


Year 10 took one, two or three GCSEs in a combination of Science, Statistics and Philosophy and Ethics. Across the three subjects they achieved an impressive 75% at A* to C, with 25% of results at A* or A. With their Year 9 option from 2015, there are many starting Year 11 with as many as four GCSEs at A* to C.


Year 9 also distinguished themselves in their GCSE option achieving 64% at A* to C, with 17% of grades at A* and A.

We have very much enjoyed celebrating these results on our results days; it was lovely to see the joy across our families and across so many age groups. It has been a good year for the school, but none of the above has been achieved in isolation. These impressive results have been earned on a foundation of the partnership we have with our families and we are pleased to see its impact in the achievement of our young people.