Creative Arts and Technology Department Team

LL Design and Technology

Mrs Martin – Learning Leader Design and Technology


Richard Heaton 400x400

Mr Heaton – Learning Team Leader CAT

Assistant Head Teacher Ethos and Community

Jeanette Craige 400x400

Miss Craig – Assistant Head Teacher Ethos and Community

LL Art and Photography

Adrian Lee 400x400

Mr A Lee – Learning Leader Art and Photography

LL Health & Social Care

Bagshur Mani 400x400

Mrs Mani – Learning Leader Health & Social Care

Food Technology Teacher

Chloe Rawlings 400x400

Miss Rawlings – Teacher of Food Technology

Design & Technology Teacher

Richard Wilson 400x400

Mr Wilson – Teacher of Design and Technology

LL Food and Textiles

Fiona Woollard 400x400

Mrs Porteus-Ford – Learning Leader Food and Textiles

Music Teacher

Emma Williams 400x400

Mrs Williams – Teacher of Music

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