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Boston Spa - Headteacher

Christopher Walsh – Principal

I am pleased to welcome you to our website and I thank you for your interest in our academy.

September 2018 marks an exciting time in the history of Boston Spa, with three significant causes for celebration, our conversion to an academy, our outstanding A Level and brilliant GCSE results.

After two consecutive ‘Good’ Ofsted judgements as Boston Spa School we converted to an academy on 1st September 2018 to  become part of the high performing GORSE Academies Trust (TGAT). This was a carefully considered strategic plan and represents a significant and powerful step towards being judged by Ofsted as ‘Outstanding’ at the earliest opportunity. We were overwhelmed and humbled by the public support for this conversion. It was a delight that our strategic plan was so powerfully embraced by our community.

The decision by our Governors to pursue partnership with TGAT has been absolutely vindicated by events of the last year, with TGAT ending 2017/18 celebrating four new ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted judgments, to add to the three they had been already awarded.

Year 11 have achieved brilliant GCSE results; with the school gaining an excellent Progress 8 score of +0.22. These results include 79% of students gained 4+ in Maths and 78% in English, with both subjects nearly 20% above national averages. 12% of all grades were at grades 8, 9 or A*, including 6% of grades at 9 – representing the top 3% of performances in the country. Over a quarter of all results were awarded at the top grades of 7-9 or A-A*

At A Level our Average Points per entry is 38.35, a figure unmatched across the city, giving us a spectacular valued added score of +0.27, with results significantly exceeding national exceptional in all indicators. This is a great place from which to proceed with our plans to open Elliott Hudson College at Boston Spa Academy in September 2019

We are very proud of the students at both GCSE and at A Level who achieved such fantastic outcomes.

We are an academy that is rapid trajectory with outstanding classroom behaviour and with academic standards rising faster than any in the locality. Our commitment to seeing these standards of achievement sustained and progressed is absolute.

We care about our results, but this is not the whole of our mission; we care about the development of the whole person. We are a community that creates opportunity, direction and purpose where young people leave us with a love of learning and the skill to progress that learning throughout their adult life. We are a community where young people are safe, happy, and grow in self-confidence; they thrive academically and make the most of the many opportunities we offer.

The pages of a prospectus or a website can only hint at what our Academy is really like; it is people and our relationships that matter more than any glossy pictures and clever text. While we are pleased with positive recognition such as that from Ofsted, we would ask that you do not rely on their words but discover for yourself and come and visit.

If you have any question about our academy or would like to arrange a visit please contact my PA, Michelle Rushton at, and she will be please to advise.

Executive Principal’s Welcome

I am delighted you are taking a moment to read this welcome message.  I have been privileged to work within The GORSE Academies Trust since its inception having been appointed initially to Morley High School in 2005 as Second in Science under Sir John Townsley’s leadership.  In November 2013 I became Principal of The Morley Academy and had the opportunity to work even more closely with Senior Leadership Teams of the other academies within the trust; I am sure you will agree if you have visited that each academy is remarkable in its own right.  It was, therefore, a wonderful moment for me when I found out I had been successful in my application for the role of Executive Principal for secondary education within a trust that has such integrity and a strong moral compass.

Within the trust we are restless in our determination to provide our young people with the highest possible standards in teaching and learning so that they are all fully able to engage with adult life. To do this we ensure there are no barriers or limitations to our students achieving their potential so they are able to reach the highest possible standards of academic, social and personal development.

It is exceptionally important to us that students are able to work in genuine partnership with professionals so that they are empowered to be active in their learning journey and to make informed decisions.  Our students’ happiness now and in the future is always at the forefront of our minds.

I have conveyed to our students on many occasions that I firmly believe the greatest gift we can give them is the ‘gift of choice’. I passionately believe that it is our job to support them in the learning process so that they can acquire the skills they need to be able to learn anything they wish and ultimately to go on to acquire qualifications that allow them to choose their next steps, rather than have avenues closed off to them due to a poor skill-set or a lack of qualifications. We are determined to ensure that every young person emerges from The GORSE Academies Trust with the gift of a formal, academic education which equips them for study at the best universities in the world and to flourish in the most demanding jobs.

Now, more than ever before, our students need to be aware of the power of technology; the benefits it has to offer and the dangers that face those who misuse it. As professionals it is our responsibility to broaden our students’ horizons and give them numerous opportunities to consider and debate social, moral, spiritual and cultural issues. It is our fundamental belief that we must take opportunities with our students to tackle challenging concepts, to ensure they emerge as well-rounded citizens able to construct informed, articulate arguments and make impactful decisions.

As an organisation, The GORSE Academies Trust seeks to utilise our national connections to ensure we stay abreast of educational policy and are well placed to ensure our learners thrive within the ever changing educational landscape. We are committed to working collaboratively to enhance the learning experiences of our students and, ultimately, to facilitate outstanding rates of progress. The trust aims to enrich the lives of all that it touches, providing an environment in which students, parents, carers and professionals work together to explore new concepts and embark upon unique journeys. No one journey will be the same, undoubtedly no journey will be plain sailing, but the secret lies within the sturdy arms of support that our trust provides: a culture which develops resilience through challenge and empowers calculated risk taking for all.

Leanne Griffiths

Executive Principal: 11-16 Education