‘Exceptional, without exception’

Every child, every lesson, every day

At Boston Spa Academy we pride ourselves on having the highest standards and expectations for every student that we teach. Learning is at the centre of everything that we do and we are committed to the development of the whole child – the physical, spiritual, social, moral and cultural as well as their academic development.

We will be ambitious for young people to be successful individuals who:

  • Respect and are tolerant of others;
  • Take responsibility for their own actions;
  • Understand the value of hard work and resilience when facing challenges;
  • Secure the essential skills of communication, literacy, numeracy and ICT;
  • Develop leadership skills to prepare them for the world of further study and work.

To help realise this vision, our academy will be typified by the following characteristics.

All children can, and will, achieve regardless of their background.

All professionals are responsible and accountable for ensuring all children reach their potential.

Providing a high quality education is vital for a fair society that affords every child the full range of opportunities in life.

Exceptional teaching in every classroom means that students do not fall lucky or unlucky with the teacher that they get. Every teacher will be exceptional.

No Islands
As part of The GORSE Academies Trust, a large number of excellent schools working together, we will work in deep rooted and meaningful partnership so that sustainable improvements are secure.