At Boston Spa Academy we believe that our House system allows our students to develop their own leadership and build on relationships within our school. All students are actively encouraged to participate in extracurricular events and attend competition based activities. In doing this, it allows our students to collect stamps and credits, celebrating the house achievements in celebration assemblies.


Liz Bucktrout

Mrs Bucktrout was a compassionate, resilient and courageous woman. As a leader of Business, Design and Technology she always ensured there were opportunities for students to thrive.

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Gus Cooper

Mr Cooper was an inspirational drama teacher and champion of the theatre. He routinely encouraged students to take on challenging roles and to work beyond their comfort zone. He understood that people…

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Robin Donaldson

Mr Donaldson was  Head of Languages. He was a teacher who inspired students and who always treated them fairly. He was a competitive sportsman who also loved music. His kind hearted and positive approach to life…

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Ruth Thompson

Mrs Thompson was a woman of faith, a peacemaker, who gained enormous respect for her calm, fair and understanding approach to life. Her commitment to supporting the needs of all those in her care…

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