We are really excited by our 2017 examination results. We have outstanding outcomes in Ten Sixth Form and our third successive years of improvement in GCSE. Following re-marks some of the figures below are improved on those first published in the Principal’s blog.


Our 2017 A Level results are exceptional. Our Average Points per Entry (APE) is 36, expressed as a grade at B. In terms of value added it gives us an impressive +0.2, with an ALPS score of 3 and ‘hot’.

This, once again, gives us the highest APE for any Leeds school or college. The results include:

  • 10% of grades at A*
  • 27% at A* or A
  • 55% at the important A* to B performance indicator
  • 98% of examinations were passed.
  • 96% of students achieved the university of their choice, including all our Oxbridge candidates and many into Russell Group universities.


Particular success in subjects include Maths: 64% of grades at A* or A; Geography: 44% at * or A; Further maths, 100% at A* to B; History, 83% A* to B; Government and Politics, 86% A* to B and Geography, not only 44% A* to A, but also 81% A* to B.  Results in Economics, French, Spanish, Chemistry, Physics, English Literature and Physics all included students achieving A* grades.


96% of students achieved the university of their choice, including all four Oxbridge candidates, two gaining places at Durham, and many into Russell group. Results were so good that three students were able to use the UCAS adjustment process to gain better university options than those their first applied for. There many notable and spectacular personal successes such by accessing Medicine and the prestigious Sports Science course at Loughborough University.


The new GCSES brought new performance indicators for schools, and it is important that we differentiate between a ‘Good’ pass at 4+ and a new more demanding ‘strong’ pass at 5+. It is not the passes at 5+ that count for the new school performance indicators.


The key new performance indicators for schools is the number of children achieving both Maths and English at a strong pass of 5+.

We achieved 50% in this measure, where the average for schools in Leeds was 40%.

60% of our candidates achieved a ‘strong’ pass in Maths and 59% in English.


The ‘good’ pass at 4+ equates to the old grade C

73% achieved a grade 4 or more in both English and Maths;

79% achieved a 4+ in Maths and 83% in English.

In the legacy performance indicator of 5 A* to C with English and Maths we would have achieved 72%, our third year of improvement in a row.


24% of grades were awarded at the new 9 to 7, or A* to A grades

20% of students achieved 5 or more A*-A grades

33% of students achieved at least 3 A*-A grades.


Our Attainment 8 score is 48.93


The results across subjects were very exciting with many notable outcomes. In PE 90% gained an A* to C, French, 83%, Spanish, 89%, Media, 92%, RE, 83% and Geography 76% where 29% of grades awarded were graded at A* or A. We enter the broadest ability range in the separate Sciences, and were really pleased with 76% A* to C in Biology, 81% in Physics and 83% in Chemistry where 28% achieved an A* or A.


Our Year 10 students all took GCSE statistics, where 89% passed at A* to C with 14% of students gaining an A* grade.

In Religious Studies gained 31% of Year 10 gained an A* or an A


Our Year 9 students also took GCSE examinations this summer, and have also achieved well. In History 75% gained an A* to C, and Geography had a 95% pass rate.

We are very proud of the children you have contributed to these results; it has been our privilege to work with them. We go into our partnership with The GORSE Academies Trust with resolute ambition that 2018 will be even better!