We have had a lovely day celebrating GCSE results today; it was a joy to spend time with so many proud parents and to see so many young people receive the recognition they richly deserve.


It was a day when the press warned that ‘the proportion of pupils achieving good GCSE passes in England has fallen this year, amid a blizzard of changes’ and that there would be weaker ‘results in history, maths and geography than last year’.




This decline was not the case for Boston Spa students who have done very well this year. Particular congratulations are due to all of the following students, who (each for different reasons) have an awful lot to be proud of today. Congratulations to Prince Abdul-Salam, Haider Alam, Alicia Batley, Molly Beadle, Jack Berry, Laura Birdsall, Rebecca Cass, Tom Chapman,  Joe Clark, Harvey Douglas, Megan Evans, Tobias Gacquin, Ben Gould, Ewan Hardy, Emily Hawkins, Tom Hepworth, Abby Hulbert, Cara Johnson, Tiger Kato, Bethan Kelsey, Hashim Khawaja, Hannah Kilvington, James Lenighan, Rachel Mawson, Kiera McAuley, Baljit Roda, Amreeta Sehmi, Chloe Sinker, Adam Stowe, Rachel Thompson, Naomi Tooke, Alex Vessey, Taylor Wade, Shannon Wiltshire, Henry Winn and Usaama Yate




In the new school performance measures 73% achieved a grade 4 or more in both English and Maths, with 79% in Maths and 83% in English, with an Attainment 8 score of 51.19.  In the old measure with which families are perhaps more accustomed, this would have been over 72% at 5 A* to C including English and Maths.


Over 23% of grades were awarded at the new 9 to 7, or A* to A grades, with 7% of entries awarded at either A* or the new 9 to 8 grade.




The results across subjects were very exciting with many notable outcomes. In PE 90% gained an A* to C, French, 83%, Spanish, 89%, Media, 92%, RE, 83% and Geography 76% where 29% of grades awarded were graded at A* or A!  We enter the broadest ability range in the separate Sciences, and were really pleased with 76% A* to C in Biology, 81% in Physics and 83% in Chemistry where 28% achieved an A* or A!



Well done to Year 10 as well whose students achieved 89% A* to C in Statistics GCSE, with 14% of students gaining an A* grade. Congratulations to Lily Rose Barker, Lauren Day, Abbie Dunwell, Jack Hobbah, Stella Jaquiss, Anna Keag, Kalim Khawaja, Frank Lawrence, Charlotte Mason, William Naylor, Ben Nicholson, Hollie Robinson, Nadia Schottler, Caitlin Simpson, Rachel Slater, Abbie Summerfield, Alistair Thompson and Lily Thompson.


Year 10 Religious Studies gained 31% at A* or A with the following earning the A* grade: Madeleine Ball, Lily Rose Barker, Laura Bennett, Eva Jay Douthwaite, Kalim Khawaja, Frank Lawrence, Charlotte Mason, Ben Nicholson, Hollie Robison, Dan Stannard, Abbie Summerfield and Lily Thompson. We are so pleased for them.



Our Year 9 students also took GCSE examinations this summer, and have also achieved well. In Year 9 History 75% gained an A* to C, with A* grades awarded to Megan Collins, Mack Garrity, Thea Hodgson, Saskia Irwin, Bethan Law, and Pippa Linden Howes.  Year 9 Geography has a 95% pass rate at A* to C in Year 9, with A* grades awarded to Harry Botterill, Alex Williams and Katie Mae Wright. These students are only fourteen years old and have done exceptionally well.


As I reflected in last week’s blog, the words ‘pride’ and ‘privilege’ dominate days like today, and we will start the new term on Tuesday 5th September as Boston Spa Academy in a good place and with confidence.