It was no surprise that the press picked up on our Open Evening; we really did not expect 800 guests! It is a very clear demonstration of the support our partnership with TGAT has within the local community, and I have been showing four families a day around school at the moment. As Sir John Townsley says in the article, ‘The enthusiasm and passion of the parents at both meetings for our deep collaboration and ongoing partnership was very inspiring and humbling’.



Sunday 15th October is not only the last day your old £1 coins will be legal tender but it is also the deadline for all ‘early entry’ UCAS applications. This week we were delighted to see twelve of our Year 13 students submit their ‘early entry’ university applications. Of the twelve, eight submitted applications in subjects such as History, Maths and Chemistry to Oxford and Cambridge Universities. Other students submitted applications to read Medicine, Zoology and Law.  We wish all these students the best of luck!



For Sixth Form enrichment we welcomed back Bella Whitaker of ‘Yoga In You’ to deliver weekly yoga sessions to encourage students to take care of both their physical and mental wellbeing.




It was a joy to share a hot chocolate with Lily Dowson and Maddie Ball today. I was impressed to hear of how they juggle their great progress in school with other interests, such as tennis coaching and a part time job. It was good to hear their focus and ambition, with them both striving to become midwives. I am very proud of them both.



It was a delight to meet all of the following on Monday to praise them for their exceptional week.





Well done to Keira Cash, Sama Rafinia, Anna Stanbow, Miguel Da Costa, Josh Wise,  Eva Jae Douthwaite, Lily Taylor, Bolton Whittle, Rhiana Nelson, Quinn Garrity, Ciaran Connell, Emma Richardson, Abbie Dunwell, James Tucker, Corey Franks, Cerys Bevan, Julia Cole, Joshua Duffy, Abbie Summerfield, Stella Jaquiss, Anna Keag, Jessica Robinson, Bobby Isbell, Marshall Kirk, Nadia Schottler, Skye Barker, Joel Sergeant, Joe Jeffries, Ben Nicholson, Evan Bentley, Eve Hedley, and Megan Dykes.






Year 9 Textiles VCert group Craft are currently working on a project called “Wanderlust” with the following design brief:

“You have secured an internship at a textiles company called ‘Wanderlust’ – a worldwide textile brand. The company has noticed that their patchwork cushions are their best seller. You have been tasked with updating this line of products for the forthcoming season and making a prototype to be considered for selection. The company is renowned for their individuality and want you to create a highly creative product using inspiration from textiles from around the world.”

They have each picked a culture on which to base their cushion and are creating silk paint artwork today using the gutta resist technique. Congratulations to Omar Natarajan, Hugo Natarajan, Ravi Natarajan, Lucy Morgan, Alix Mosely, Jessica Speight, Paige Horsfall, Lily Dunlop, Freya Rowe, Viviana Duarte Dong, Megan Hodgson and Jada Marshall.







Our PE team are offering a great range of extra-curricular sport. This week it has included basketball, hockey (led by our Year 12 student Rachel Mawson), netball, dance, table tennis, fitness, KS3 girls’ football (led by Leeds United coaches) and KS3 boys’ football which had 73 pupils in attendance. There is a full programme, please encourage your daughter or son to join us.



Our U14 Girls’ football team travelled to Brigshaw in the merit cup. They exhibited great teamwork, determination and sportsmanship. From the first whistle the girls fought hard to be first to every ball and close down the opposition to re-gain possession, the opening goal came from our player of the match Terisha Ndebele, with Grace Miller, Emily Warbrick, and Eva Jenkins (with a hat-trick) all excelling in an 8-0 win.


Our Year 7 Boys’ football team went to Wetherby for a magnificent spectacle of school boys’ football. With some excellent attacking play shown by both teams we won the game 10-7. The boys were excellent throughout the game. Daniel Myers scored a very good hat trick. Bobby Isbell was player of the match for a performance that saw him cover every blade of grass at least three times over.


The U16 Girls’ football team played Allerton High in the first round of the city cup. We got off to a great start with goals from Grace Miller, Eva Jenkins and Cerys Bevan giving us a 3-1 lead at half time. We took control of the game in the second half with player of the match Rachel Slater running the show whilst Cerys Bevan added another three goals. All of the girls were brilliant, with the final score 6-3.


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