Its exceptionally high achievement and success rate beyond Year 13 clearly makes our Sixth Form very attractive, and Mr Brennan’s leadership has been excellent. It was lovely to welcome so many Year 11 students to our Sixth Form Open Evening this week, and many visitors from a variety of other schools including Wetherby High School, The Grammar School at Leeds, Cardinal Heenan and Tadcaster Grammar School.



Mr Brennan’s presentation shared our performance data, the support available to students that secures progress, the subjects on offer, the destinations of our students and the extra-curricular opportunities available.   All Year 11 will be supported by interviews over the next few weeks to support their decision making. Please do not hesitate to contact Mr Brennan if you have any questions.



Abbie Jones, Niala Crampton, Beth Adamson, Ben Thompson, Gabriella Reid and Christabelle Day were brilliant ambassadors on the night, and a special ‘thank you’ is due to Niala Crampton, Rosie Southworth and Abbie Jones who took all the prospectus photos.





Our Year 11 Parents Consultation Evening is on Thursday, 16th November 2017, and Mrs Westerman’s letter home is here. With only 22 school weeks before the first real examination and 2 weeks between Parents Evening and the start of pre-public exams, time is of the essence for Year 11, so Mrs Westerman led an important assembly for them on Monday.

The new GCSE courses are much more demanding and in most subjects students are going to sit exams that are longer and more challenging than in previous years, so the importance of the PPEs this month should not be underestimated. The results will indicate what students can and cannot do and give students the opportunity to target key areas for work over the next weeks, as well as an opportunity to build the resilience they will need in the summer.

Year 11 students are invited to attend Period 6 revision classes from 3pm to 4pm. These start on Monday 13th November 2017 and will run for 2 weeks. Another programme of Period 6 support will be launched after the PPEs.

If you would value advice on how to support your son or daughter through these exams please contact Mr Cooke.





The key to the effectiveness of Positive Discipline is recognising and rewarding young people for behaving well and working hard. Young people accrue certificates as they do this, and at four points are able to earn lapel badges to celebrate key milestones.

I was very pleased this week to present our first Bronze Awards of the year to Ghanim Abdullah, Lily-Rose Barker, Cerys Bevan, Emily Day, Abbie Dunwell, Stella Jaquiss, Joe Jefferies, Anna Keag, William Naylor, Ben Nicholson, Nadia Schottler, Alistair Thompson, Lily Thompson, Millie Thompson, Megan Dykes, Florence Hills, Amelia Edwards, Saskia Benjamin, Talan Haji, Nia Hopkins, Sherise Findlay-James, Megan Beesley, David Mawson, Terisha Ndebele, Sophie Skelton, Scarlett Walker, and Liberty Wallis. These are the students who are gaining the most credits right now, and we are very proud of them.






It is important we all take a moment each week to praise students for doing well, and I was delighted to meet with the following to give them well deserved praise for their work last week.

Congratulations to Sukhi Roth, Marija Soroka, William McDonald, Harry Meaden, Kaitlin Lazenby, Sophie Skelton, Emma Richardson, Scarlett Walker, Charlie Mason, Rachel Wilson, Robbie-Paul Atkinson, Melody Simpson, Tyrese Ndebele, Ben Baker, Lauren Day, Isabel Couldwell, Fermanagh Gibbins Noble, Abbie Dunwell, Caitlin Simpson, Laura Bennett, Zain Haq, Nadine Kershaw, Bethany James, McKenzie Bilicki, Julia Cole, Stella Jaquiss, Joshua Duffy, Millie Law, Jan Sokolowski, Jake Ward, Finn Brooks, Maddy Tue, Molly Bailey-Hague, Lily Dowson, Frank Lawrence, William Naylor, Charlotte Mason, Thomas March and Harvey Williams.



Following our elections last week I am thrilled to welcome our new Student Leadership Team.   Joe Jefferies and Jack Hobbah will co-chair; other team members are Ali Thompson, Abbie Dunwell, Stella Jaquiss, Maddie Wood, Jamie Bright, Chloe Ireland, Alex Williams, Nia Hopkins, Emma Dodsworth, Saskia Benjamin, Allix McGrath, Kiran Hussain, Emily Hessey and Lily Barton.





I was pleased to share hot chocolate with Ghanim Abdullah and Layla Bennett, who are working hard to achieve well in Year 11. It was good to listen to their reflections on the Sixth Form Open Evening and to hear their plans for the future.






Yesterday the Year 13 Health and Social Care group completed a one-day Basic Emergency First Aid courses. This is not just part of the Health, Safety and Security unit but a supplement to their studies and an accredited course delivered by an external provider. It was very much a hands on course, with students working on assessing emergency incidents, giving CPR, learning about the recovery position and much more. It was an informative and enjoyable day for all.




Our Year 9 VCert Craft students have been creating batik art this week. They had to produce a design based on a culture of their choice and use wax and dye to create marble effect pieces; these excellent examples are by Chelsea Varley, Lily Dunlop and Paige Horsforth.



With Remembrance Day being on a Saturday we have not been able to hold our usual ceremony at the front of school; it was, however, a focus of many of my assemblies this week. I shared the irredeemable debt that four generations of my own family, none of whom (for one reason or another) have had to see active service, owe to those families who gave their sons and daughters to protect the freedoms we enjoy.



We are excited to be hosting a number of fund raising opportunities on Friday

17th November. Firstly, we would like to invite students to dress in non-school uniform for the day and ask for a contribution of £1.00 to be made to Children in

Need, collected in Tutor Time. This represents a chance for us to support charities that work with some of the most vulnerable children in the country and, on the other hand, it is a great opportunity to celebrate our sense of community within the academy by joining together in support of others.


Thank you for your support with this; Mrs Ryder’s letter is here.




Congratulations to Aidan Harris, a keen archer, who has again won the National ‘Clout’ Championships. Thus far he has won The Yorkshire Championships, the Northern Counties and retained the National title. Clout is an archery competition where you shoot at a flag in the ground and arrows are scored based on how close they are to the flag, aiming to get within 45cms of the flag, shooting from 110m and ‘barebow’, which means he uses no sight or balancing aids.


On Tuesday our Year 8 and 10 boys’ table tennis teams competed in the first of three area competitions. We faced Corpus Christi, Cockburn and Allerton Grange. Our Year 8s played very well, defeating Corpus in the first game before losing very narrowly in the other two matches. The Year 10s were well beaten in their first two games, but were very unlucky, losing by just a single point against Allerton Grange. Well done to Luke Jessy, Oakley Waters, Ryan Liesener, Evan Bentley, Luke Neary, Sam Courtman and player of the tournament Joe Barkley who played up a year group and won two of his three matches. The second round is in early December.


The Year 7 boys’ football team hosted Wetherby and continued their great start to the season with an emphatic 8-2 win. We were dominant throughout the game with a fantastic team and squad performance. Marley Wilson scored a hat trick and the rest of the goals were shared amongst the team. Oliver Thomas was player of the match for an outstanding display at the back.


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