On Tuesday, Year 11s received their PPE results in our results assembly, designed to replicate the experience of opening their results in the summer. With fifteen school weeks to go, Year 11 are working hard on closing the gaps in their knowledge and understanding using the feedback from their exams. There were many successes with lots of students at target or well on the way. For those who didn’t quite get what they had hoped for they have the time and support needed to make excellent progress between now and the real exams.  A further round of PPEs for Maths, English, Science and Languages will be held in the week beginning 26th February.

There is no complacency, but lots to celebrate, in particular all of the following, who in one aspect or another excelled.   Well done to William Naylor, Anna Keag, Fermanagh Gibbins-Noble, Kalim Khawaja, Mariana Ruddock, Lily Gill, Ben Nicholson, Charlotte Mason, Frank Lawrence, Cerys Bevan, Laura Bennett, Mark Burke, Josh Collier, Madeleine Ball, Thalia Macey, Nadia Schottler, Emily Meehan, Vicky Farmer, Evie Wilkinson, Billy Gale, Ben O’Toole, and Alistair Thompson.






As a part of our partnership with the GORSE Academies Trust we have joined their School Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT), which was this week judged by Ofsted to be Outstanding. This is excellent news coming so swiftly after the Outstanding judgement at the Ruth Gorse Academy.

The SCITT represents a real aorta of teaching talent coming into the trust. This week it has been a joy to secure the services of two new and exciting colleagues, Miss Coleman and Mr Barnes, who will join us from the SCITT in September bringing additional capacity to the English and Maths teams.

If you are thinking of applying for teacher training the GORSE SCITT is the only provider judged as outstanding in the Yorkshire region, and all the details are here.





Well done to all of the following who I celebrated with during PD Hour this week: John Atkinson, Daniel Hemsley, Maya Philpott, Ella Thomas, Finlay Dunlop, Holly Hemingway, Alfie Allanach, Finn Brooks, Luke Jessey, Kayleigh Morrell, Rachael Haigh, Emily Meehan, Terisha Ndebele, Lindsay Slater, Thomas Marsh, Jake Ward, Toby Dunwell, Daniel Stannard, Alex Coggins, Oliver Steel, Abby Summerfield, Matthew Hill, and Louis Winn.





This week was the National Obesity Awareness Week, so our PE team led assemblies for Years 7 to 10, taking the opportunity to remind students about diet and physical activity so that they could make different, and better informed, lifestyle choices. The assembly defines obesity, identifies the scale of the problem and the reasons behind it, and then goes on to explain the key factors of a healthy diet and levels of physical activity. The assembly reminds students of the extracurricular timetable available in school, and I commend these activities to all our community.





Keen to ‘refresh’ her education policies the Prime Minister changed her Secretary of State for Education this week. I cannot pretend that I agreed with much of Justine Greening’s work, and her failure to address the funding of schools was a critical weakness during her tenure. She was, however, a welcome stabilising influence and attentive to a dialogue with the profession, possibly because she was also the first ever Secretary of State who attended a comprehensive school. We will have to wait and see what ‘refreshing’ the system looks like under our leader, Damian Hinds.

Since the birth of our Year 13 students, 18 years ago, we have had ten different Secretaries of State for Education (how many could you name?*), each with an average tenure of less than two years.  No organisation could change its CEO so regularly and maintain performance and certainly no school could have survived the turbulence of ten different headteachers in 18 years.

I am unclear as to how successive governments, Labour, coalition or Conservative expected to secure clarity, direction and impact for their policies on a national scale when the only thing that is consistent is the changing leadership and direction.


Thursday 18th is our Year 9 Options and Consultation evening. This is a really important evening and we value the priority that you will give to it.

This is also the date Mr Dodds and I leave for Bangladesh to fulfil our school’s commitment to the schools in Narayanganj district near Dhaka. We will be away for a week, working in the IET Government High School and Narayanganj Government Girls’ School. This partnership is funded by the British Council and we are pleased to have maintained the work since 2009.  We will share more in the Blog for 26th January.


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*David Blunkett, Estelle Morris, Charles Clarke, Ruth Kelly, Alan Johnson, Ed Balls, Michael Gove, Nicky Morgan, Justine Greening and Damian Hinds.