We have been overwhelmed by the support for school, which exceeds that which we received when we first consulted with you to join TGAT; we do not take this support for granted.

It was a joy after a particularly busy ten days to use our usual Friday staff briefing to read out just some of the comments about our school included in the correspondence. Staff have really appreciated all the support expressed in conversation, letters and on social media. We are greatly encouraged by the impact of all your support and welcome not just the comments made by Alec Shelbrooke MP on his website, but also comments he has sent out to so many people who have written to him, which have been shared with us:

“I have now had chance to speak with the Department for Education regarding Boston Spa’s application to become an academy.

I informed the Minister that there is overwhelming parental backing for Boston Spa to become an academy across the wider community, including parents of those currently at Primary school, that academisation is a force for good and I believe the academisation of Boston Spa would help raise standards and improve outcomes for kids in my constituency.

I will be in touch as and when I receive any further updates.”

As I explained in my letter on Wednesday, if Lord Agnew’s decision is that we join TGAT, we expect the legalities to take place over the next three months. In this circumstance then no land will be sold, and the partnership plan we have agreed with TGAT will be accelerated into place, including the arrangements for the additional capital funding.

Governors are resolute that the partnership with TGAT is absolutely the right direction for Boston Spa in providing the very best standard of education for our young people, so if Lord Agnew makes any other decision it will be challenged, and Governors will exhaust every possible avenue. We have already followed expected practice, having held a legal, open and comprehensive consultation, in which our stakeholders overwhelmingly supported the Governors’ proposal to join TGAT; Governors will not be deterred from this goal.





It was good to watch ‘Look North’ this week, and not be on it. I watched the section about teacher recruitment, featuring the TGAT School Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) with particular interest. This is the only teacher training provider in Yorkshire to be judged by Ofsted as outstanding in all areas and we have already reaped the benefits of this part of our partnership by recruiting three new colleagues from their trainees for English, Maths and Languages to join our staff in September.

Despite the national challenge, trainee teacher recruitment for 2018 is strong within the SCITT, but a few places are still available, so if you know someone thinking of training to be a teacher, please draw their attention to this letter, the training will be outstanding.




I have been amazed by the work of Tommy Gale and Max Cervonnih who, with Miss Smith, have done their first lathe work turning table legs. I am so impressed by their precision as they complete their 3D Design coursework projects.




We are enormously proud of our Year 12 students who are using their free time to complete a sign language course with british-sign.co.uk. The students are learning the basics of fingerspelling, numbers, colours, food and drink and many other aspects of conversation. The qualification is widely recognised as an important addition for anyone wanting to work in medicine, health care or education.



I enjoyed the company of Lucy Cheetham and Katy Geraghty today; their maturity and wisdom is beyond their years!




It is a delight to share news of the safe arrival of Emily Mair Taylor-Gully, weighing in at 7lbs 6oz. She was a little bit earlier than expected, but the family are all doing well; Emily is described as ‘perfect’.




The highlight of the week is always the opportunity to praise students who have done well. This week I enjoyed meeting Jack Hobbah, Callum George, Kieran Bennett Whitmore, Daniella Atkinson, Madeline Cole, Sophia Towns, Zhou Lowton, Shanelle MacFarlane, Sophie Skelton, Jessica Speight, Isabelle Harding, Kaitlin Lazenby, Luisa Levine, Katie Locker, Richard Pajor Mazur, Keira Hayes, Nadine Kershaw, Sophie Wilkinson, Olivia Jobes, Julia Coles, Kiran Hussain, Isabel Couldwell, Tia Milne, Thea Beesley, Lily Barton, Emily Meehan, Mariana Ruddock, Eva Jae Douthwaite, Thomas Marsh, Thomas Mosley, Pippa Linden Howes, Jake Ward, Sophie Jackson, Amelia Edwards, Joel Sergeant, Christian Boden, Timothy Sergeant, Alex Williams, Sophie Ferguson, Jaideep Matharu, Georja O’Neill, Charlotte Hemsley, Lewis Bailey Hague, Meg Beesley, Liberty Wallis and Jake Hart


I am grateful to Mr McKeogh for giving up time to accompany students on the government funded programme for children to visit the World War One battlefields. We will have more in our next blog.




I wish every success to all involved on our ski trip today. You can follow their exploits using #BostonInItaly. I am grateful to Mr Potter, Miss Morgan, Mrs Potter, Mr McKernan and Mr Norton for giving up their days to make this possible, and we hope that they soon find snow.


School closes for half term today. I hope that you and yours all have a good break. We re-open on Monday 19th February at the usual time, and we trust that all your support bears fruit and that the half term begins with good news from Lord Agnew. The next blog will be Friday 23rd February.


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