We are most encouraged by the Regional Schools’ Commissioner’s decision that our application to join TGAT should finally go forward to the Headteachers’ Board later this month and then to the Minister, Lord Agnew, in June. We were also pleased to read comments made by her boss, the National Schools Commissioner, Sir David Carter (above) at the NAHT conference. This is precisely what we have been seeking to do for over a year!


Thank you for your patience and care on Wednesday and Thursday when the road outside school was closed. It was not a repeat of last week’s water leak, but a consequence of it, in that the soil around drains had been washed away causing a collapse. The damage looked slight on the road surface but was extensive and long under the ground. I was impressed by the team who sorted the problem.


The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) allows each student to embark on a largely self-directed and self-motivated project. It is awarded as an AS equivalent. Students must choose a topic, plan, research and develop their idea and decide on their finished product. Last week Mr Brennan and Mr McKeogh were left fascinated by three expertly delivered and hard hitting Year 13 EPQ presentations. The presentations were the culmination of between 12 and 24 months of project work on a chosen research topic.

First to present was Christabelle Day who showcased her property redevelopment project called “How can I maximise profit in a redevelopment property?” .  Christabelle purchased, renovated and resold a local property over a two year period and took the role of project manager and creative director. Her presentation was confident and fluent and was equipped with numerous visual aids and ‘before and after’ photographs.

Sabah Haq presented next on her project entitled “Is abortion wrong – morally, socially and ethically?” .  Sabah’s presentation was equally impressive and in many ways shocked and intrigued the audience of students and staff. She produced a reasoned and balanced analysis and warned of the pitfalls of researching such a contentious topic.

Last to present was Megan Law. Her project was entitled “To what extent is it ethical for research undertaken in Nazi Concentration Camps to be used to further modern day science?”.   Megan dealt expertly with some challenging and sensitive subject material and provided a range of compelling arguments around the use of such data, in the process raising issues such as how consent could be obtained for such use and whether use of data for military purposes is counterproductive. Each presentation was fascinating, well planned and well rehearsed. They were a pleasure to listen to and each student deserves enormous credit for their commitment to their EPQ whilst completing other A level subjects.

They were a pleasure to listen to and each student deserves enormous credit for their commitment to their EPQ whilst completing other A level subjects.


Miss Forster’s group have been writing book reviews for my blog. They’ve been reading in groups and reading aloud to one another and now they are reviewing their books.

Phoebe Goodwin – Holes

A recent book that a group of year 7’s and I have been reading, is ‘Holes’ by Louise Sachar. The farthest anybody has got so far is up to 89 pages, this meaning that we can’t give a full summary.

So far, a scout boy named Stanley Yelnats went to Camp Green Lake after ‘stealing’ a celebrity’s old sneakers to help raise money for the homeless. He gets the nickname ‘Caveman’ and joins the group of boys, with ‘names’ like X-ray, Zero, Squid and Zigzag.

Stanley finds a peculiar gold looking tube and gives it to X-Ray. The Warden makes them search round the ‘area-it-was-found’ and you get a backstory on Stanley’s life before the time in Camp Green Lake, all about his great great-granddaughter. He ends up nearly getting in trouble with the warden, yet she ended up not bothered about Stanley ‘stealing’ Mr Sirs sunflower seeds.

I enjoy this book because the plot-line is interesting and original. The characters are great and setting is clear. I think that they will next discover the old village of where his great-great granddaughter used to live. I, so far, give this the rating of 7.5/10 because I don’t know whether the ending will be good.

Maya Stephens – We are all made of molecules

At the start, it is extremely sudden. Stewart and his parents were a happy. His mum was expecting a baby but there was actually a tumour growing inside her, she had a cancer; horrifically she died. I year and 3 months later their ‘equilateral triangle’ was ruthlessly torn apart. Stewart and his dad moved out of their original house and moved in with Caroline, and her popular daughter, Ashley from an early age, Stewart was ‘gifted’ so he went to a ‘special’ school. However, he wanted to go to a normal, mainstream school where Ashley went. Ashley hated Stewart because he was different and she was scared he would leak the fact that her dad was gay and lived in the back garden where Stewart to Borden Academy School, he was moved up to Ashley’s year as he is ‘gifted’ she hates him being there and messing up his social status.

I think this book is incredibly funny and relatable. It teaches you that people who are not classed as ‘normal’ shouldn’t be made to feel self-conscious or the odd one out. I think this book is aimed at 10+ year olds – some of the language may not be suitable for younger children. Also, I love how the book is written from different perspectives as everybody has different view on some of the situation. Overall, I would recommend this book

Alex Kay – Holes

Plot: – So Stanley Yelnats family has This book is a very adventurous book which suitable for teens because there is a lot of tricky words in it.  This book brings you into a whole new world with a tough life.

 The plot is very extraordinary and it’s an interesting read.a history with a bad luck.  Stanley also has bad luck too.  The bad luck sends him to the boys’ juvenile also known as Camp Green Lake where every day they have to dig a hole that is 5foot deep.  Stanley soon notices it’s very hard and must dig up what actually happened.  I think what happened next is very unpredictable but I know it’s going to be a good ride.





Jess Tucker – We Are All Made Of Molecules

I am currently reading the book ‘We are all made of molecules’ though I have not finished this, I feel like I know the story as it is so intriguing and fascinating. The author writes the book in different chapters from different points of view of each character. I found this a great idea because it meant that we could get an idea of how each character felt and thought about certain things at one time and also what they are doing at that time.

I think that it is great for children aged 12 and over as it teaches them important life lessons and the book relates really well to teenagers. It is very funny at times too, but then can be really emotional and serious at other timed.

The book is about a boy whose mother dies in a serious illness when he’s young.  He then has to move in with his dad’s new girlfriend and her daughter. It make you feel empathy for the child because he has to immediately get used to a new lifestyle and school. As he is very self-conscious, he finds lots of his lessons involving speaking or being active difficult which makes you feel very emotionally attached to the boy overall, it’s a great book but emotional.

I recommend it for people who like books that make you feel emotionally attached to the characters and their personalities.




Max Lenighan

This is a book that is based on a young girl whose parents have been taken away due to their religion. The soldiers are now arresting all of that faith because of recent terrorist attack that happened at a town gathering. So one day the girl’s house was raided and the parents were arrested, but she got away her possession she is now trying to seek the ‘Dalhi Lama’ who is seen as a respectable figure in her religion. She has teamed up with her friends to fight for their freedom.






Jillian Lagan – Stargazing for Beginners

I understand the concept of this far but I wouldn’t say I am enjoying it particularly, only because it rambles on therefore I find it a bit boring. This also may be due to me not reading enough but as of right now I don’t feel attached to it.

A summary of the book

It starts by telling you that a girl called ‘Megara’ has been surprised with the moving of her friend so she is therefore alone. She is entering a space competition for a prize of a visit to a college of space. She is currently debating attending the school dance as she is being teased for wanting to join a star party with 60 year old man.






Leyla Ergul – Northern Lights

The book I am reading is Northern Lights by Philip Pullman. The language has used is beautiful and matches the setting perfect. If in the book, Lyra and her demon, Pantalaimon are brilliant characters, they have very different personalities and that is why there characters are so perfect. The lady with the golden monks is a fabulous villain she misleads you in her introduction as kind and sweet but it turns to unrelenting Bitterness. You should definitely read this because you feel like you are in a different world and what you thought was fiction has become a reality. The book is exciting and I was never bored while reading, you get to watch the characters develop.

The language used really displays the character personality and lets us give an opinion on them.





In History with Miss Miller they were set a homework task this week to present a piece of research any way they wished to about an invention created during the Industrial Revolution. Emily Day and Jack Wheelhouse both went above and beyond and baked cakes to represent their research. Jack made a cake patterned to look like a steam train and Emily created a poster about the first camera with a model made out of Rice Krispies – both (I am told) were delicious!


I met with Alex Williams and Harry Botterill today for hot chocolate. Both impressed me not just with their very adult approach to school, but also with how they manage all of their other interests, which include music, swimming, badminton, cadets, marching band and concert bands.




Congratulations to all of the following who I met during PD hour this week: William McDonald, Emily Day, Ciaran Connell, Tyler Cox-Walker, Aaron Payne-Searston, Marija Soroka, Lily Taylor, Ben Smith, Scarlett Walker, Jessica Speight, Freddie Harrison-Bould, Tom Gilding, Joe Kendall, Emily Mitchell, Spencer Smith, Oliver Steel, Amelia Dayson, Lilly Meehan, Sophia Towns, Tilly Brown, Caitlin Ewart, Megan Dykes, Abbie Hedley, Emily Adair, Mary Latham, Heather Hames, Lewis Bailey Hague, Ruby Jordan, Brooklyn Atherton, Oliver Thomas, Lili Barker, Vanshika Singh,  Lily Hilton Brooke and Harry Lemon.


Congratulations to Eva Jenkins who has been selected to play for Yorkshire Cricket. We will follow her progress with pride.

Our Leeds United Scholarship 1st team go into their final game against Rotherham United as league leaders and guaranteed at least 2nd place. They are contending for top spot with Nottingham Forest who have lost only two games this season… both to us. Forest have two difficult games left to play against Barnsley (3rd) and Sheffield United (5th), so it’s fingers crossed that either or both can take points off Forest; if they do, we are champions.


On Tuesday the Year 8 and 10 boys’ athletics teams attended the first of three city wide event at John Charles Stadium. The competition is spread over three dates and covers all of the athletics events several times.

Both teams fared very well, generally finishing in the top six. There were some exceptional stand out performances too with 2nd place finishes for Mack Garrity in the 400m, Oscar Douglas in triple jump and Ben Fasey in the javelin.

On Wednesday it was the turn of the Year 7 boys’ and girls’ teams. This was a one off event to determine the best team in the city to go forward and represent Leeds in the West Yorkshire Games. We did very well, but will not know the final placing until next week. We had some excellent performances in the events. Tiyamike Gadi won the 100m and our 4x100m mixed relay team won their race. We had 2nd places for Teegan Lees in the 200m, Brooklyn Atherton in long jump and the girls’ 4x100m relay team.

Mr Potter commented that, ‘Whilst both fixtures saw some excellent results, it was astounding to see the character and determination in all of our pupils who gave everything to every event’

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