There is nothing new to report. The RSC’s Headteacher’s Board will have met this week and made a recommendation that will go to Lord Agnew. Thank you for your continuing support; we will continue to keep you as well informed as we are able.




We bid a fond farewell to Year 13 today. They have been a great year group and we are very proud of them. Their last day began with the legend that is a Mr James’ Quiz, some appropriately childlike behaviour with giant inflatables, and then a farewell assembly. We wish them every success in their exams.


On Thursday we held our second ‘Be Smart Day’ which was postponed by the snow in March. I am very appreciative of the exemplary work done by Miss Brierley in the planning. Students participated in the following:

Holocaust Survivor:

Arek Hersh and his wife Jean came in to discuss Arek’s experiences during the Holocaust, including the time he spent in Auschwitz.  They then took questions from each tutor group that the students had developed whilst previously watching a documentary on Arek’s life. It was a really moving experience and was great to see the students engaging in the session and asking insightful questions.

There is nothing that prepares you for a gentleman rolling up his sleeve to show you the Auschwitz number tattooed on his forearm.

Fake News:

To help our students be more critical of what they might hear or see in the media, the students in Year 10 were given a pack of the same news story from various different sources and were asked to determine whether they were true or not. To do this they were given the ESCAPE acronym to follow:  Evidence, Context, Source, Audience, Purpose, and Execution. They were developing an important transferable skill to be transfered to an out of school context.

Life as a Refugee:

Year 7 looked at newspaper headlines to see how the media portrays asylum seekers and migrants. They then looked at how statistics might be manipulated in the media to make us have a certain view of issues and how their account of refugee life compares and contrasts to a first-hand account.



Both Year 7 and Year 8 looked at consenting to having people within your personal space, as well as online consent. They completed an activity called ‘Parallel Lines’ to help them understand why respecting people’s personal boundaries is important and what it might feel like if they were broken.

Years 9, 10 and 11 looked at what sexual consent means and analysed different scenarios to determine whether consent was being given in each one, as well as what actions they believed those people should take next. This was a really valuable session and the students were extremely mature in engaging in the discussions.


The students in Year 7 and 8 looked at all the different types of relationships a person might have and challenged the notion that some relationships might be considered more socially acceptable than others. They linked this to LGBTQ relationships and made pledges to help make all our relationships equal within our school community.

Years 9, 10 and 11 looked at how the stereotypes placed on them can have a negative effect and then worked on challenging the stereotypes that might be placed on people from the LGBTQ community.

Rule of Law:

Our students looked at what the different punishments are for crimes in the UK and how these might link to offences that could be committed. They were asked to evaluate how fair they thought each punishment was for a crime. They then linked this to our rights and responsibilities within school and why it is important for us to have law.


Mick Amos spoke to the students about what can cause extremism, what we can do to prevent it and how they can champion love instead of hate. This session was linked to Modern British Values and the need for equality within our society.



I was very pleased to spend break with Pippa Linden Howes and Jaideep Matharu today. They are both excellent students; we are proud to be associated with them.



On Tuesday 29th May Mica Proctor makes her debut on Emmerdale playing the young Charity Dingle, while Jess Fennell appeared on The Chase on Thursday, but sadly left without winning any cash.


Today we were pleased to welcome in Joe Robinson from Northumbria University. Joe spoke to our Year 13 students about ‘Confirmation and Clearing’ and how best to prepare for A level results day and gave crucial advice around ‘Clearing’, ‘Adjustment’ and deferring.

Joe also met our Year 12 students and helped focus their minds on their plans beyond Sixth Form, covering ‘Choosing a course, choosing a university’ and how best to sell yourself in a personal statement.

The Year 13 students finished the day with subject intervention sessions whilst the Year 12s began their personal statements and made revision timetables ready for their summer exams.

The Sixth Form quiz league finished this week, with The Resitters being crowned Champions with a total of 314.5 points over 27 weeks of quizzes. The Resitters successfully used a squad rotation system to allow their six members, Sam Allanach, Mat Baker, Euan Dunlop, Toby Hirst, Marcus Rogers and Josh Wallis to claim the League Winners Trophy from the  Eddheads.




I enjoyed a visit to Miss Forster’s Year 7 English class where they were finding creative ways to illustrate scenes from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. They were excellent, especially the cakes. The work illustrated is by Edward Gaunt, Ella Ritchie, Louis Johnson, Jack Wheelhouse, Max Lenighan, Emily Hessey, Jess Tucker, Emily Day and Maya Stephens.



On Monday we competed in our first Volleyball fixture for at least 15 years, if not ever. It was part of the GORSE Games and the final event of the competition. As we do not play Volleyball as part of the curriculum the pupils selected learnt to play the game in the week building up to the event.

The Year 7 team got off to a great start winning their first match, but then narrowly lost the next three matches, none of which were by more than 4 points. Player of the tournament was Amelia Bell. The Year 8 team struggled in all four matches, but showed excellent teamwork, resilience and endeavour throughout the event. Player of the tournament was James Tucker.

The final results of the GORSE Games saw us slip into 4th place. The events have been excellent and provided over 150 pupils with the opportunity to represent our academy.


The same night we hosted our first Tennis fixture of the season. The U13 team included Sam Dobronics, Ben Fasey, Sam Courtman and Bolton Whittle. The U15 team includes Ravi Natarajan, Hugo Natarajan, Josh Thompson and David Mawson. Students played both a singles and doubles match of 6 games but unfortunately we were beaten overall, our best performance came from player of the match Josh Thompson winning his singles match 6-4. Ben Fasey also played extremely well against very strong opposition, only losing by two games. Our next fixture is against Minsthorpe School.

On Wednesday the Year 7, 8 and 9 girls’ rounders teams hosted Garforth in a friendly match. The Year 7’s were up by a ½ after the first innings, however they couldn’t keep up the same intensity into the second inning and lost the game 15-19, despite some excellent batting from player of the match Amelia Bell.

The Year 8 team struggled against very strong opposition and lost 6-19, however there were some exceptional performances in the field to limit our opponents’ score, most notably from player of the match Maya Stephens who stepped up a year to play for Year 8.

The Year 9 team also narrowly lost 9- 13 performing much better in the second innings than they did in the first. The player of the match was Sophie Skelton for a hat trick of consecutive catches at back stop.

Have a lovely break. We reopen on Monday 4th June.


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