We were pleased to be have our first mention in a TGAT newsletter this week. Sir John’s letter summarises the exciting position that the trust has established for all its academies as we go into the academic years 2018/19. Work for our conversion moves ahead swiftly with Governors holding their last full Governing Body meeting as a maintained school this week; their next meeting we expect to be part of TGAT.


Thank you for your support at the Year 7 subject consultation this week. It was lovely to talk to so many of you, to hear great feedback on your children, but also to hear the enthusiasm of families for the next stage of our development within TGAT.


Thank you for your support for CRP, the Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed in Savar Bangladesh. We are pleased to be able to support the William and Mary Taylor Inclusive School which provides education and outreach for children in Dhaka who have individual needs


Today has been an excellent ‘Be Smart Day, where our students have considered the following:

Managing Stress

Our Year 9 and 10 students looked at the factors which might cause them to experience stress and what those symptoms might look like. It was really helpful for students to learn that stress will manifest itself in different ways depending on the person. They then designed an Exam Buddy app, to help them come up with strategies to reduce stress, before, during and after an exam.

Teen Connect

Teen Connect, a Leeds-based company, came in to discuss what mental health is and where they can seek help. Two Year 10s said that this was a very emotional and raw session, as well being really informative.

What is Mental Health?

Students learnt about how common mental health issues are and what they might be. They also looked at how everyone’s mental health is on a continuum and that it will vary from day-to-day. It was really positive for the students to learn that it is okay to feel sad or angry or frustrated, but it is about how dealing with them in the most appropriate way.

Healthy Body

The students discussed the benefits of exercise on their mental and physical health. They then took part in a variety of different activities such as dance, dodgeball and football. Some students measured their heartbeats before, during and after the session to look at how the exercise impacted their bodies.


Healthy Relationships

The Year 7s and 8s were asked to list the qualities they admired in a friend or famous person. They then had to look at how this linked to keeping a relationship strong, and what they could do in certain uncomfortable scenarios to ensure that they handled it in a healthy way.

Healthy Eating

The students looked at the factors that might have caused us to lead less healthy lifestyles than we were 20 years ago. They specifically looked at the phenomenon of ‘portion distortion’, where our perception of what constitutes as a portion has been altered by the media. Afterwards, the students looked at how the nutritional information on packaging can help them to make more informed choices.

Body Positivity

The Heads of Year led their year groups in a session looking at what self-esteem, body image and body confidence, with the aim to provide students with the skills to make decisions which will positively impact how they see themselves. Our ex-student, Connie Inglis, (with 93,000 followers on Instagram) joined us to talk about how she has suffered with anorexia and how she turned her social media from a negative experience to one that boost her self-image and those of others.




Well done to all the young people who worked so hard to be recognised in PD hour. I enjoyed meeting with Madeline Cole, Omar Natarajan, Scarlett Walker, Fynnlay Wiltshire, Holly Hemingway, Oliver Coomber, Sam Courtman, Erin Smith, Millie Morrell, Alyssa Legault, Katie Mae Wright, Seb Gray, Bella Coppock, Jessica Tucker, Sophie Ferguson, Ciaran Connell, Emma Dodsworth, Edith Richardson, Lily Dunlop, Freya Salt Smith, Maya Schottler and Charlotte Hemsley.


I was very pleased today to set aside my break to meet with Oakley Waters and Kyle Thackrah, two students who take school very seriously, who are working hard and deserve recognition. They are both able sportsmen and I admire the discipline and commitment they show,



23 of our student librarians visited the British Library in Boston Spa as a reward trip for their dedication and hard work in the Academy’s library. This was a pilot event after several months of consultation between local schools and the British Library, and Boston Spa Academy was lucky enough to be one of the first to experience this incredible library. You can read more here .


The Year 12 Geographers travelled to Hornsea as preparation for their coursework projects in Year 13. They practised a range of techniques examining coastal processes and management, developing ideas for their individual proposals, and showed a terrific attitude to study. On a glorious day they were able to supplement the usual fish and chips with an ice cream.




It was lovely to welcome some Year 6 students from primary schools where we are perhaps only receiving one or two students come September.

Mr Billington organised a bespoke induction day ahead of the two main transition days next week. It was great to welcome some wonderful pupils and help them feel comfortable in their new environment and help them make new friends. A busy day featured a treasure hunt/orienteering around school, baking, printing, basketball, and the long awaited return of the legendary ‘Cuboid’.

Our staff were extremely impressed by the attitude shown by the Year 6 students, who embraced all the activities fully – we look forward to welcoming them again on Wednesday.  Huge thanks must go to the Year 8 buddies who guided them through the day – Charlie Ball, Jess Parkin, Jake O’Toole, Emily Adair, Joe Young and Millie Edwards.



Adam Stowe (Yr12) tells the story, ‘The University of Lincoln Quiz Challenge is a national competition for students in year 12. Yesterday the Leeds heat took place at Elland Road. We arrived at the venue with no expectations, hoping to be competitive but also just happy to take part and enjoy ourselves. The quiz consisted of fifteen themed rounds with questions ranging from the chemical composition of starch to Propp’s ‘Morphology of Folklore’. The team excelled in the rounds on geography, chemistry, biology, economics and politics but struggled with the quirkier categories such as architecture and agriculture.

After the fifteen rounds it was announced there were twenty points separating first and last place with two teams in second, level on points. Only the top two teams would qualify for the finals. A tie-breaker was needed. How long is the Oxford Cambridge boat race in metres? The closest of the drawing teams would go through but it wasn’t revealed what position each team was in. After much discussion based almost entirely on (somewhat educated) guesswork we submitted an answer of 5000m. The answer was 6800m. We were close, but was it close enough?

The final standings were announced. Boston Spa did not come first. But we had finished second via the tie-breaker. Elation and surprise overcame the team. The finals take place at Lincoln University in September.

Congratulations to Adam Stowe, Megan Evans, Naomi Tooke and Jack Berry




A magnificent Year 13 prom, the best in a decade. Organised by the Prom Committee of Freya Hopkins, Abbie Jones, Christabelle Day, Beth Adamson, Anna Williams, Haydn Kay, Tom Blakey, Ewan Connell, Erin Lees, Ben Thompson, Holly Avis and Gabriella Reid. It was a fitting farewell to seven years at Boston Spa; well done to them all.


Year 11 held their prom at The Bridge Inn at Walshford on Friday evening. They looked great, and it was a brilliant evening. We are so proud of them all. There are some formal photos for you to enjoy here.








The photo booth is always a favourite; you can see more here.



Having already officiated with distinction at the partnership and city Primary School Tennis Finals, our Year 8 Sports Leaders were selected to officiate at the county finals at Leeds Becket University on Monday. Yet again they showed maturity way ahead of their years and were excellent ambassadors for our academy.  We received many positive comments from primary school teachers and parents about their conduct and confidence. Well done!

We are very proud of the work our young Sports Leaders do, so it was lovely to reward some of them with a trip to Wimbledon this week.

On Wednesday our girls’ tennis team travelled to The Grammar School at Leeds for an U15s league match. Our opposition were strong and our girls worked hard to win points in such strong rallies. Unfortunately we were beaten overall in singles and doubles. The most notable performance was from Lily Oakley O’Brien who was seeded number 2 and came close to victory with a 6-4 defeat. Our team included Maya Schottler, Lily Oakley O’Brien, Maddie Thompson and Molly Jones. Well done to them all.


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