We are immensely proud of Year 13 students who have achieved spectacular and record results.

This was a tough year to be in Year 13, the new specifications brought an end to modular exams and course work as well as increasing the core content, but our students have excelled.

At the time of the blog going live twenty four Leeds schools have published their data, and we are the highest achieving school. Our Average Points per entry is 38.35, up 2.8 on the outstanding 2017 results, and ‘value added’ is 0.33, up +0.13 on the excellent figure of 0.2 achieved in 2017. This means that Boston Spa Academy students have achieved significantly better than prior achievement predicted, including the following achievements:

  • A* grades were 11.4% of our grades, compared with 8% nationally
  • A* to A grades 32%, compared with 26.4% nationally
  • A* to C grades 85% compared with 77% nationally
  • A* to E grades 99% compared with 97|% nationally.


At the moment 95% of university applicants will go to a university of their choice including Ewan Connell to study History at Oxford University, (with his celebrations taking place somewhere hot!). 40% of our university applicants will take up a place at a Russell Group university, including:

  • Beth Adamson to study Law with French at Birmingham
  • Sam Allanach to study History at Sheffield
  • Holly Avis to study Veterinary Medicine at Nottingham
  • Sena Aydin to study Politics at Sheffield
  • Fred Downes to study Physics and Astronomy at Liverpool
  • Euan Dunlop to study Veterinary Medicine at Nottingham
  • Toby Hirst to study Politics at Durham
  • Freya Hopkins to study Political Science at Birmingham
  • Katie Midgley to study Computer Science at Birmingham
  • Abi Iveson to study Politics at Glasgow
  • Haydn Kay to study Modern Languages at Liverpool
  • Megan Law to study Anthropology at Durham
  • Erin Lees to study Chemical Engineering at Sheffield
  • Jake Mitchell to study Electronic Engineering at York
  • Chris Oakes to study Maths at Durham
  • Hannah Sharpe to study Medicine at Nottingham
  • Gabriella Reid to study History at Nottingham
  • Hannah Waite to study International Relations and Politics at Cardiff
  • Josh Wallis to study Accounting and Financial Management at Sheffield
  • Anna Williams to study Zoology at Sheffield

We are delighted for them all, and all for different reasons, the following are some of our  particular causes for celebration at A Level: Ewan Connell: A*A*A*; Katie Midgley: A*A*A*; Freddy Howden – A*A*A; Chris Oakes – A*A*A; Toby Hirst – A*AA; Anna Williams: AAA; Hannah Sharpe – AAA; Dan Jennings A*AB; Euan Dunlop – AAB; Gabriella Reid – AAB; Megan Law – AAC, A* in EPQ; Erin Lees – AAB; Freya Hopkins – ABB; Beth Adamson – AAB; Sam Allanach – ABB; Joe Lawson – A*AC; Abi Iveson – ABB; Sena Aydin – ABB; Josh Wallis – A*BD*; Tom Smith A*BB and Chelsea Atkinson – A*CC.

In the vocational subjects we also had notable celebrations, including Catherine Drake – D*D*D*; Aimee White – D*D*M; Courtney Thackrah – D*D*D*; James Smith – D*D*D* and Sephora Ndombasi – D*D*D*

There has been so much to admire and celebrate today.

On an individual level, Year 13 have been brilliant students throughout the last seven years. We are delighted for them all, and wish them every possible blessing as they head to their next adventure.

On a strategic level, this is such a strong and exciting position from which we will build a formidable future for post 16 provision in our locality as Elliott Hudson College at Boston Spa Academy.

Today has very much been a day where we have been #ProudOfBoston!


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