This year was a big change at GCSE for Year 11, with the new GCSEs having additional content and little or no course work, but our students have excelled having exceeded expectation in every performance indicator, with over a quarter of grades awarded at the top grades 7 to 9, and with a brilliant 6% of the GCSEs awarded at grade 9, where students are required to perform in the top 3% of the country.

Some students did phenomenally well in achieving grades significantly above that predicted. In this respect we are so proud of Charlotte Mason, Cerys Bevan, Anna Keag, Julia Cole, William Thomas Causon, Lily Barker, Mariana Ruddock, Grace Anderson, Nadia Schottler, Laura Bennett, Lindsay Slater, Elise Wortley, Ben Nicholson, Joshua Collier, Maddy Ball, Elianna Harrison Bould, Tashna Hamilton Nelson, Fermanagh Gibbins Noble, Frank Lawrence and Lily Dowson.

Others are celebrating exceptionally high levels of achievement. Congratulations to Stella Jacquiss, Abbie Summerfield, Lily Thompson, Alistair Thompson, Nadia Schottler, Rachel Slater, Frank Lawrence, Lauren Day, Lily Barker, Hollie Robinson, Ben Nicholson and William Naylor.

The year group was unusual in that we had one set of triplets and 5 sets of twins who between them achieved 33 top grades. One envelope brings huge anticipation, but multiple on the same day will have been massive, so congratulations to the Dunwells, the Farmers, the Fletchers, the Naylors, the Slaters and the Sneddons.

Our Year 9 also took a GCSE, and there are great performances by Megan Beesley, Quinn Garrity, Dulcie Parish, Adam Poulter, Amelia Wiltshire, James, Ball, Lauren Ball, Adam Cass, Alex Coggins, Daniel Garlick, Amy Gray, Millie Heffernan, Charlotte Hemsley, Arthur Marshall, David Mawson, Lily Oakley O’Brien, Daniel Paton, Lylamae Rennison, Freya Salt Smith, Maya Schottler, Freya Smith, Joshua Thompson, Madeleine Thompson, Liberty Wallis and Louis Winn.

Some in Year 10 took Philosophy and Ethics at GCSE, with great results from Ben Baker, Thomas Berry, Isobel Blakey, Harry Botterill, Megan Collins, Elyse Craig, Mack Garrity, Thea Hodgson, Emily Hooks Sellers, Saskia Irwin, Ben Lagan, Millie Law, Pippa Linden Howes, Jaideep Matharu, Emily Mitchell, Jacob Nicholson, Maisie Orange, Jessica Quyn, Maddy Roberts, Lydia Smith, Millie Thompson, Jacob Ward, Alex Williams, Maddy Wood and Katie Mae Wright.

In terms of whole school performance we are delighted. 26% of all grades were between 7 and 9 (against 20.5% nationally) and 74% of grades were 9 to 4 (against 67% nationally). Our Progress 8 scores is currently 0.28, which is really good and demonstrates that students at Boston Spa make significantly more progress than expected.

English and Maths have performed fantastically well this year, with a superb 79% grade 4+ in Maths and 78% grade 4+ in English. The strength is right across the subjects, with Biology gaining 81% grade 4+, Chemistry 74% and Physics 81%; Languages with 83% gaining a grade 4+ in French and 100% at 5+ and 88% at 7+ in Spanish and Geography have 83% at grade 4+ and 30 % at grade 7+ with History gaining 62% at grade 4+ and 31% at grade 7+.

We are delighted for all of our GCSE candidates; it has been lovely today to share their joy with them; it has been a great way to build on last week’s Sixth Form Results.  It clearly vindicates the Governors’ decision to partner with the Gorse Academies Trust and we are thrilled that we will convert on 1st September and will begin to #BuildABoston from such a formidably strong position.

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