What is it like starting at Boston Spa Academy? Year 7 explain all.

LUCAS PARISH, Primrose Lane Primary

At Boston Spa Academy there are lots of amazing accolades but I’m going to tell you about my highlights of the academy.   First of all there are lots of lessons to choose from, such as: Maths, English, DT, History and many others.   Whilst we are still speaking about lessons, my favourite lesson has to be PE not just because it’s really fun and enjoyable but the sports facilities are amazing, loads better than primary.  What also makes the lessons really fun is how amazing the teachers are.  This makes every lesson exciting and enjoyable.   All this talk of lessons makes me feel hungry.  Luckily Boston Spa has an amazing lunch diner, with a variety of choice for lunch and breakfast.  Boston is an amazing academy and I look forward to my time here.


IZZY SRINIVASA, Thorner Primary

The first day at Boston Spa Academy was amazing!  The teachers and students were all very welcoming.  Stepping in to the Main Hall was incredible.  The first few lessons were life changing.  The teachers were very encouraging and told us their expectations.  No matter which lesson you’re in, whether it’s not your favourite subject or it is, you will learn a lot from just one lesson.  When I first started, I thought I was going to get lost but the school has a very good layout and even if you do get lost, the teachers are always understanding.  It’s easy to make new friends as the students at Boston Spa Academy are all very thoughtful and kind.

Getting awarded with prizes is the best feeling ever.  At the start of every lesson, you will be given stamps for great behaviour.  During lessons you will also be rewarded with stamps for contributing towards questions that are asked.  The sport facilities are really good and the teachers and students are very kind.  That’s why you should join us.

EVE DRINKWATER, Collingham Lady Elizabeth Hastings Primary

When I first came to Boston Spa Academy I was very nervous about the teachers, getting lost and lots of other things but after only one day of being in the academy I realised I needn’t have worried, the school is big but our form tutors gave everyone maps so we’d be able to find our own way.  There were also teachers in the corridors giving out directions if we were still a bit confused.

The teachers are really welcoming, greeting us with warm smiles at the beginning of each lesson.  They are really understanding, in the first week if we forgot a piece of equipment or were a bit late they wouldn’t give us a comment but simply tell us to remember next time or try not to be late in future.  They give out stamps for contribution and hard work, which add up towards prizes and awards.

WILL MONSEY, Crossley Street Primary

As a Year 7 I thought I would get lost and I have but all the teachers so far have been very understanding about it and have not given any comments or detentions.  The 6th formers are very friendly and are happy to stop and ask if you need help or point you the right way.  Teachers are also nice and helpful but they still have high expectations from you.

There is a big variety of different lessons from Geography with Mr McKeogh to English with Mr Ash.

The sports are the best in my opinion with some of the best equipment I’ve seen.  Even though they do all this work, Boston Spa Academy is still one of the most fun, happy and successful schools to go to.


JACOB PRIESTLEY St Marys C of E Primary

At Boston Spa Academy my first day I was welcomed by lots of smiley teachers and students.

I almost straight away had made new friends who are very nice. At break you get many choices of lunches, made by brilliant dinner ladies. I‘ve had pasta, chicken curry, jacket potato, lasagne and pizza. After I had my lunch I had a bit of time spare so I went up to the sports facilities and had a look at them.  Back in class I get taught so much, lots of things. We get 5 periods in a day and 2 breaks, and lots of different lessons such as Maths, English, Science, History and Geography etc.


CHARLIE HUNTER Lady Elizabeth Hastings Thorp Arch.

At Boston Spa Academy, all the teachers and students are very welcoming. We have studied many new subjects which we only touched on in primary. Out of lessons, many new friends can be made.

The bigger school has more classrooms than primary school, but it’s fun travelling your way around school with your friend looking for your next classroom where an exciting subject waits. Even if you aren’t keen on a lesson, you will still find it fun and enjoyable.

At Boston Spa, all pupils get rewarded with stamps. If you get three stamps you earn one credit. Credits can be counted up and you are rewarded with special certificates. However, if you are misbehaving you will receive a comment. If you get three comments you get a detention. Even worse, if you get nine comments you get an isolation!

School dinners are very nice (especially the pasta) and they are all reasonably priced. Overall, Boston Spa Academy is an amazing school!

ANNA DODSWORTH Bardsey Primary School

The first day at Boston Spa Academy was so amazing!! I thought I would get lost that day, but I didn’t because there were so many people that were there to help me they were all understanding teachers and so many lovely students. Everyone welcomed you with their smiley faces in Boston Spa Academy. It started to feel like a second home.

Of course every teacher has high expectations for you, but they like to know your expectations for them.

If you do well in lessons then you get rewarded lots of stamps, but it doesn’t matter if you get something wrong because you still tried. They will show you how much by giving you a stamp.

Lunch times are so good because the food is the best and there are so many different choices such as pasta with different sauces to try, sandwiches and yummy hot food. All the teachers are also so understanding because they will give you warnings instead of straight away giving out comments.

EMMA GARLIC Bramham Primary School

Boston Spa Academy is a very welcoming place, everyone has a smile on their face when we arrive. When I first came to Boston Spa Academy I was scared but now I love it. All the older students will help you get around if you’re lost all you have to do is ask if you don’t know where to go. If you are late for a lesson because you were lost they will understand. For lunch they have a variety of food they have fresh pasta with different sauces, but always with tomato sauce, sandwiches, drinks, fruit, pizza and much more. In a lesson you get stamps if you have tried your best and have done the work you are supposed to.


LIBBY MCGRATH Barwick-in-Elmet C of E Primary School

Boston Spa Academy is a well organised school with amazing faculties that are perfect for PE and many other subjects. The buildings are clearly labelled, so it is easy to find your way round. All the staff are so kind and helpful; they are also supportive and understanding. It has a variety of lessons that are exciting and easy to follow. The school lunches are extremely fresh and made the same day: there is a pizza, pasta, sandwiches, drinks, puddings and much more!




Tuesday is our Open Evening. Sir John Townsley and I are speaking at both 6.00pm and 6.45pm. As well as talking about our outstanding results, teaching and behaviour, we will share the strategic direction of the academy now that we have converted to become part of The GORSE Academies Trust, including opening Elliott Hudson College at Boston Spa Academy in September 19.  School will close at 12.30, with a full bus service leaving shortly after. Lunch will still be available during first break.


It was a joy for me to meet so many who had started the year well. Congratulations to Paige Smith, Max Cervonnih, Adam Poulter, Jan Sokolowski, Charlie Osgerby, Harrison Bailey, Harvin Sandhu, Phoebe Goodwin, Bethany James, Kiran Hussain, Emily Maskill, Adam Cass, Daniel Garlick, Jacob Grimes, Redford Spring, Tiyamike Gadi, Hayley Hames, Shanelle MacFarlane, Ewan Howes, Sophie Skelton, Lucas Parish, Aidan Harris, Harry Botterill, Harrison Tempest, Mary Latham, Hollie Coulthard and Harry Smith.


Our staff have been sharing the joy of their new babies with colleagues. Congratulations to Mrs Rushton and her family on the birth of their daughter Dulcie who arrived during the holidays, and also to Mrs Ryder and her family who have been joined by a daughter, Eve, who was born on Wednesday. All are doing well and are thoroughly blessed by their new arrivals.

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