Well done to all our students who have used GCSE POD to support their revision; the grand total of downloads has now exceeded 1,000! If you are unfamiliar with GCSE POD Mrs Westerman’s letter introducing it is still on our website, as is her user guide. She is also generously offering to pay for the 2019 Prom ticket for the Year 11 student who makes best use of GCSE POD. Currently it looks like one of the following have the best chance of the prize: Maddie Roberts, Alex Williams, Pippa Linden-Howes, Emma St John or Millie Thomson.


Well done to all of the following who I met during PD Hour this week: Sophie Skelton, Allix McGrath, Joanie Groves, Millie Thomson, Isabelle Harding, George Duncan, Dion Clements Smith, Emily Adair, Shona Gartshore, Jake O’Toole, Pippa Linden Howes, Elisha Anderson, Vanshika Singh, Owen Creffield, Chardonnay Stewart Savery, Nelly Forba, Rhoda Mensah, Alex Ben Abdallah, Hama  Othman, Evie Burns, McKenzie Bilicki, Bobby Isbell, Lucy Skipper, Sophie Dennis, Kieran Bennett Whitmore, Cameron Santer, Harry Botterill, Lucas Parish, Edward Redfern, Charlie Stirk, Marija Soroka, Josh Hope, Amna Bi, Freya Smith, and Millie Heffernan.


We are pleased to have been awarded £1,400 from the Leeds Music Education Partnership to enable students who may not be able to afford music lessons to be able to access them. Students have chosen to take lessons in singing, guitar and drum kit.


Year 13 Geography field work involved students collecting data for their NEA projects. Students completed human and physical fieldwork in Hornsea, Boston Spa and Leeds. All students worked really well and were fascinated by the diversity of study opportunities available in both human and physical elements of the discipline.


Yesterday was our first ‘Be Smart Day’ of the Year with a variety of lessons focussed on personal, social, moral and health education.

In the Safer Sex session Years 10 and 11 learnt about the pros and cons of different types of contraception, in order to help them make informed choices. Students fed back saying that they had ‘learnt a lot’ and ‘would feel more confident when making a decision around contraception’.

In Cyber Safety Years 7, 8 and 9 learnt about how to stay safe online and exhibit positive online behaviours. Years 10 and 11 investigated different types of online scams and learnt how to spot and report phishing and identity theft.

Year 7, 8 and 9 students learnt how to budget in Financial Capability and how to make alterations when unexpected expenses arise. A Year 9 student said, ‘It helped me make decisions about what I would spend money on if I suddenly couldn’t afford everything’.

The Year 10 and 11 students learnt about Consumer Rights when they purchase an item and what they can do if the responsibilities of the seller are not being adhered to by a trader.

In Using the NHS, students learnt about the different services the NHS offers. They then looked at scenarios to help them determine which service to use when, as well as the benefits of using NHS services responsibly. Students also looked at what to do in the event of an emergency and how to deal with a 999 call. One Year 10 student said, ‘I hope it doesn’t happen but at least I’ll know what to do if I need to call 999’.

Years 7, 8 and 9 developed their emotional literacy in a session looking at Coping With Loss. The students looked at what loss and grief feels like, as well as what strategies they can use to help manage those feelings. In reference to a scene where a character dies in the Disney film, ‘Up’, one Year 8 student commented, ‘before, I didn’t really pay attention to this bit, but now I can recognise how he is feeling’.

Our Safer Schools officer, PC Hobson came in to deliver a presentation to our Year 8 students on Weapon Awareness. This was a hard-hitting session which looked at cases around Leeds where young people have carried weapons and the consequences of their actions.

In the Debate session, students challenged themselves on videogames and violence, as well as learning techniques to allow them to debate in a persuasive but respectful manner.


Congratulations to Mr McKernan whose partner gave birth to a little girl, Rosie, this week. She is 8 weeks early and weighs just 3lb and 8oz. It will be a while before the hospital allows the baby home, but both mum and baby are doing well.


There were just 23 football fixtures this week, as the Gorse Games for 2018/19 began. The scores at the end of the football are:

Girls’ Fixtures

Year 7: won 3 and drew 1

Game 1 – Great start beating Morley 2-0, with goals from Megan Sykes & Izzy Srinivasa

Game 2 – V Farnley, we drew 0-0, shots were fired but nothing was going in.

Game 3 – V Bruntcliffe, another 2-0 victory, with more goals from Megan and Izzy

Game 4 – V The Ruth Gorse Academy – the girls knew that a win was needed to come top and they attacked from the whistle, and scored an incredible 6 goals without reply.  Our scorers were Grace Sykes, Izzy Srinivasa and Kelsie Beaton.

Player of the tournament for Year 7 was Megan Sykes; she displayed fantastic team organisation and captained her team to victory.

Year 8: won 3 and lost 1

Game 1 – A good start with a 1-0 victory against Morley (Connie Edwards)

Game 2 – An unlucky loss against Farnley – 1-0

Game 3 – Coming back from defeat with great character and determination to fight for a 5-0 win over Bruntcliffe, goals from Jess Tucker, Bella Coppock and Connie Edwards again.

Game 4 – Going into game 4 with confidence the Year 8 team finished with a 2-0 victory against The Ruth Gorse Academy with goals from Bella Coppock and Jess Tucker.

A huge ‘well done’ to Isobella Elliott and Connie Edwards who played up an age group. Player of the tournament for the Year 8 squad was Connie Edwards.

Year 9: won 2 and lost 1

Game 1 – Good start with a 1-0 win over Morley with an early goal from Lucy Foster.

Game 2 – After a 4 game break the girls went on in game 2 to face Bruntcliffe and came away with another 1-0 win (Megan Reynolds)

Game 3 – Final game of the evening the girls faced a well organised Ruth Gorse Academy squad who managed to squeeze in 2 goals against Year 8 keeper Molly Reynolds, leading to a 2-0 defeat.

Player of the tournament for the Year 9 squad was Lucy Foster

Boys’ fixtures

Year 7: won 2 and drew 2

Game 1- Great start with a fantastic goal from Lucas Parish, with the final kick of the game, giving us a 1-0 win v Morley.

Game 2- Stevie Evans scored on the break to cap a dominative performance against Bruntcliffe in a 1-0 win.

Game 3- 0-0 v Farnley; we were unlucky not to win after a strong performance.

Game 4- 0-0 v Ruth Gorse. In a game of few chances, excellent defending and an outstanding save from Charlie Hunter gained us the point.

Player of the tournament was Harvey Collinson for an outstanding display in defence across all 4 matches.

Year 8: won 2, drew 1, lost 1

Game 1- We didn’t get off to the best of starts losing 1-0 against Morley

Game 2- 0-0 against Farnley was a fair result in a very even contest.

Game 3- We beat Bruntcliffe 2-0 with goals from Max Lenighan and Tyler Johnson.

Game 4- We beat Ruth Gorse 1-0 with Brooklyn Atherton scoring the goal.

Player of the tournament was Tyler Johnson who was outstanding, with and without the ball, in all 3 games.

Year  9: Won 2, drew 1, lost 1

Game 1- Great start with an excellent brace from Jaipheth Brandao and a fine finish from Callum Parkinson giving us a 3-1 win over Morley.

Game 2- Another excellent performance saw us beat Farnley 3-0 with two more goals for Callum Parkinson (one of which was outrageously good) and one for Harrison McGann.

Game 3- Harrison McGann scored our only goal in a 1-1 draw with Bruntcliffe, a game that we were unlucky not to win.

Game 4- Saw a last minute goal give the victory against Ruth Gorse Academy in a match that could have gone either way.

Player of the tournament was Jaipheth Brandoa for a consistently excellent performance in all 4 matches.

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