Careers Support

Careers support  in Year 7

In year 7 students develop skills that will prepare them for the rest of their academic and working life.   Careers education is supported in tutor time and Raising the Bar lessons where students are encouraged to develop their personal learning and thinking skills. Students will develop teamwork, communication, analysing and investigating and leadership skills.

During breaks and lunchtimes the Careers Library is always open allowing students to explore our careers information online and in reference books, magazines and school information leaflets.

Careers support in Year 8

Careers support is developed in Year 8 through Work Related Learning lessons which develop the Personal Learning and Thinking skills by applying the learning to real life business situations. Areas covered are creativity, presentation skills, CV writing, commercial awareness, finance and marketing.

Support is given to students to explore future courses and career options through the option process in tutor time and assemblies. There is a parents options presentation outlining what is available in Year 9 and the ever changing developments of new qualifications and employment opportunities and trends.

Careers support in Year 9

As students move from KS3 to KS4, the Year 9 careers programme is designed to provide them with the skills to help them explore future courses and career options.

All Year 9 students attend an assembly explaining what will happen during this period and to outline what help and support is available.  Students will attend industry specific presentations and visits.  Support is given in tutor time and access to internet resources.

Students are encouraged to look at these options in detail and discuss their thoughts with their parents/carers, friends, Tutors, staff in student care and Careers to help them make the right decision for them.

Things for year 9 students to think about when making their KS4 options:

  • Students are encouraged to study a broad range of subjects, so that they receive a good general education. Where students have the opportunity to choose between subjects, school tries to help the student to make a balanced selection in order to keep their options open for the future. Some students may be encouraged to achieve the English Baccalaureate (EBacc); this isn’t a new qualification but a certificate awarded if you get GCSEs at A*-C grades in English, maths, sciences, a language and either history or geography.
  • Some students already have a particular career in mind – and so it is important that they check the suitability of their subject choices. Our Progression Officer and Tutor will be able to help, or students can look for up-to-date information in the school careers library or on websites recommended below.
  • Students should choose subjects and courses because they suit them, not because they feel pressurised by other people. Also, students shouldn’t pick subjects only because their friends are doing them, or because they like the teacher. Other subjects may be far more important in keeping a range of careers open.
  • If a student drops a subject after year 9, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be picked up again in the future! In sixth forms and colleges of further education students can take GCSE courses either on their own, or alongside other courses.
  • Languages, maths and sciences need a good foundation before students can take them further, but subjects such as business or psychology can often be started from scratch at AS/A level or equivalent.
  • Some GCSEs are entered at different levels or tiers. Tutors will discuss which level is the right one for individual students.
  • There are alternative programmes and qualifications that students may be able to take either instead of or alongside GCSEs. For example, if you as a student is interested in finding out more about the world of work or in developing particular work-related skills they may be able to take a BTEC, OCR or City & Guilds qualification.

Careers support in Year 10

In Year 10 students all embark on work related activities and individual careers planning to prepare our young people for the world of work. Year 10 students will also have the opportunity to attend a range of vocational talks on different occupations and routes into these areas. Students will start working on their personal statements and CV Writing.

Careers support in Year 11

This is an incredibly important year for our young people and can make a real difference to the future. Help is available from Form Tutor and subject tutors but in addition we have Careers Staff and other professionals available to offer support and guidance.

Students are given access to Leeds Pathways and the college application system

As a student in Year 11 at Boston Spa School you do not need to apply for a place in our Sixth Form as one is automatically reserved for you however you will require an interview to identify the appropriate course.


Careers Library and Resources

The Careers Department is situated on the first floor in the school library. Our well resourced careers library contains a wide range of careers information as well as access to a number of specially designed ICT Careers programmes to provide you with up to date comprehensive information in order to help you make informed and realistic career decisions.

Recommended careers websites:

National Careers Service




Growing Ambitions

Future Morph

National Apprenticeship Service

Apprenticeship Vacancy Matching Service

The National Careers Service also provide an impartial Careers Advice Service on 0800 100900

IGEN Staff

In addition we have a trained Counsellor, Jasbir Choda, who works intensively with students with a range of support needs be it personal problems, finance, housing, etc. If she cannot directly help you she will sign post you to someone that can.

UCAS progress search and apply for post 16 applications

Every student has to apply for their post 16 destination (sixth form, College, an apprenticeship or training related employment).  To do this you must log into Leeds Pathways and then use the application system UCAS Progress Search and Apply. Anyone can use the Search facility but only Year 11 students use this system to apply- everyone else applies direct.  Leeds Pathways is basically a local information data base which has lots of information on Careers, Courses, Training and company links.