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Robin Donaldson

Robin Donaldson

Mr Donaldson was  Head of Languages. He was a teacher who inspired students and who always treated them fairly. He was a competitive sportsman who also loved music. His kind hearted and positive approach to life meant that he was very well respected and that he left a lasting impression on everyone who knew him.
Here is a picture of Mr Donaldson with his horse (who he took on the Year 7 residential!).

House Leader – Martin Colley

Martin Colley

Head Boy and Head Girl

Donaldson Head Boy and Head Girl

Kyle Mallory and Chloe Sinker

“We applied for the role of Head Boy and Girl because we wanted to develop our leadership skills, help others and help promote house.

We attend weekly meetings on a Wednesday and come up with House events and fundraising activities. We also mentor younger students to help them with homework and sanctions.

By taking on these roles it has helped us to develop our confidence especially with public speaking, it has also increased our skill base and we now feel like role models to others.

We believe that the House system is important because it helps to build a sense of community.”

Donaldson House proudly supports the following Charity:

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Events organised in support of our chosen charity

Hot Chocolate and Bun Sale

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The Donaldson Extravaganza

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