Admissions for September transition from Year 6 into 7

Admissions arrangements for transition from Year 6 to 7 are managed by Leeds City Council through their Children’s Services department.

We welcome all prospective students and parents to visit the Academy by appointment, and a tour of the Academy can easily be arranged.

Transition Booklet for Year 6 is here

Details of the City Council arrangements for Year 6 into 7 can be found here

The priority criteria for a place at Boston Spa Academy are:

  • Children in public care or fostered under an arrangement made by the local authority.
  • Children with older brothers or sisters who will be attending Boston Spa at the start of the academic year and are living at the same address.
  • Children who preference their nearest school.
  • All other children.

Within each of these priority categories, if there are more children than places available, distance will be used to offer places to those living nearest to the school first. This will be measured by straight line distance by the Local Authority.  Our full Admissions Policy can be found here.

Admissions for a current secondary Academy age child into Years 7 to 11

If you are requesting a place midyear, moving from another school or there is a change of circumstance you should use the ‘In Year Common Preference Form’, but they are not for new Year 7 pupils starting in September.


Admission to our Sixth Form

We automatically reserve a place in our Sixth Form for our own Year 11. If you are currently at a different school please ring our Sixth Form Administrator on 01937 846 612 to arrange an informal interview with the Head of Sixth Form. There are more details in our prospectus and our application form is here.


Our full Admission Policy can be found here.