PiXL Edge

Why have we introduced PiXL Edge?

At Boston Spa School we want to make sure that we do everything possible to equip our students with the skills necessary for success. It is with this goal in mind that we have launched PiXL Edge.

What is PiXL Edge?

The PiXL Edge is a framework to develop and accredit students with those personal attributes essential for employability and life. The scheme will focus on five key attributes:

1. Leadership (red path)

2. Organisation (green path)

3. Initiative (purple path)

4. Resilience (blue path)

5. Communication (yellow path)

PiXL Edge

Students will qualify at three levels:

Level 1: PiXL Apprentice

Level 2: PiXL Graduate

Level 3: PiXL Master

PiXL Edge Levels
At each level there are a variety of approved activities that students can undertake for each of the key attributes, the number of activities that need to be completed varies depending on the level. In Year 7 students will have one lesson each week completing The Edge activities.