Business, Economics, Technology, Art

The BETA team is responsible for the delivery of Computer Science, Music, Business Studies, Economics, Health and Social Care, Art, Photography, 3D Design, Design Technology, Food Technology and Textiles. The team consists of 12 teaching staff and 2 technicians, all dedicated to providing the best possible learning experiences and outcomes for students. The BETA team are committed to raising the standards of teaching in the classroom and examination results.

The team has access to dedicated facilities for each of our subjects, including ICT suites, art studios, food rooms, design technology workshops, music rehearsal rooms and a dark room for photography.

The diverse range of practical and creative subjects delivered by the team provide boundless opportunities for students to showcase their ability and talent, and be invigorated to discover and learn more about the subjects that inspire them.

All subjects are taught in mixed ability classes at KS3, KS4 and KS5, with Computing, Design Technology, Art and Music all core subjects in KS3.

Computing is a core subject and students receive 1 hour per week in Years 7 and 8.  Students learn how to program and develop their understanding of how computers work through a series of units that encourage creativity and conceptual thinking.

Students work on a two year programme of study in Design Technology before they can opt to study one of the technology disciplines in greater detail in KS4.

Music lessons are supported by a comprehensive programme of tuition delivered by peripatetic tutors.

The team offers GCSE courses in Computer Science, Business Studies, Art, Music, Food Preparation and Nutrition, 3D Design, Materials Technology and Textiles. We also offer BTEC Health and Social Care and BTEC Business Studies at Level 2, CiDA (Certificate in Digital Applications) and iMedia. The team are committed to offering extra-curricular clubs across all year groups.

All GCSE courses will follow the new 9-1 specifications from September 2018.

The team offers A Levels in Computer Science, Economics, Business Studies, Art and Photography. We also offer BTEC Health and Social Care and BTEC Business Studies at Level 3. Throughout the two years students are encouraged to develop individual projects and work alongside trained specialists.

BETA Department Courses

ArtGCSE ArtA Level Art
ComputingGCSE Business StudiesA Level Business Studies
Design TechnologyGCSE Computer ScienceA Level Computer Science
MusicGCSE Design and Technology - Materials TechnologyA Level Economics
GCSE Design and Technology - TextilesA Level Photography
GCSE Food Preparation and NutritionBTEC Business Studies
GCSE MusicBTEC Health and Social Care
GCSE 3D Design
BTEC Business Studies
BTEC Health and Social Care

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