English and Media Studies Department

The English team are committed to the highest standards of teaching and learning. Students are encouraged to develop a love of reading and writing through the study of a wide range of texts. The department aims to provide various opportunities for students to read and write fiction and non-fiction texts from a range of sources and time periods. The learning environment is well equipped with a computer suite and a well-stocked library.

Students work through a programme of study of English Language and Literature with a focus on the three key strands of reading, writing and speaking and listening. Students in Year 7 and 8 are also timetabled to spend a lesson a week in the library where they complete active reading and writing tasks as well as enjoying the extensive range of texts.

Students follow a programme of study for GCSEs in both English Language and English Literature. GCSE Media Studies is offered as an optional subject. We follow the Eduqas English Language, AQA English Literature and Edquas Media Studies specifications.

At A Level we offer English Language, English Literature and Media Studies. Students follow AQA A Level English Language, AQA A Level English Literature and Eduqas A Level Media specifications.

English Department Courses

KS3 EnglishGCSE English LanguageA Level English Language
GCSE English LiteratureA Level English Literature
GCSE Media StudiesA Level Media Studies

To find out more about courses run in our English Department please contact: anna.kirkham@bostonspa.leeds.sch.uk