Academy Policy Documents


TGAT Complaints PolicyChristopher Walsh05/03/2019
Single Equality PolicyChristopher Walsh05/03/2019
BSA Anti-Bullying PolicySarah Brennan15/02/2019
BSA Charging and Remissions PolicyChristopher Walsh13/02/2019
BSA Careers PolicyRhiannon Gully04/02/2019
BSA Special Education Needs and Disability PolicySarah Brennan27/11/2018
BSA Safeguarding and Child Protection PolicySarah Brennan15/02/2019
BSA Exclusions PolicySarah Brennan17/10/2018
BSA Positive Discipline and Behaviour Policy 2018-19Nikki Ryder25/07/2018
BSA Access Control Policy 2018 (GDPR)Catherine Jespers25/05/2018
BSA Data Protection PolicyCatherine Jespers25/05/2018
BSA GDPR Training Policy 2018 (GDPR)Catherine Jespers25/05/2018
BSA Information Security Policy 2018 (GDPR)Catherine Jespers25/05/2018
BSA Privacy NoticeCatherine Jespers25/05/2018
Admissions PolicyChristopher Walsh06/10/2016
Parental Complaints PolicyChristopher Walsh21/10/2011
Marking and Assessment PolicyGeorgia Westerman11/02/2016