Letters to Parents

Whole SchoolElection of Parent Governors to Boston Spa Academy Local Governing BodyMr Walsh07/11/2019
Whole SchoolLetter from the PrincipalMr Walsh05/11/2019
Whole SchoolSchool Vaccinations LetterMr Walsh18/10/2019
Whole SchoolAssessment Letter to ParentsMiss S Mir14/10/2019
Whole School2019 Examination ResultsMr Walsh09/09/2019
Whole SchoolPerforming Arts at Boston SpaMr Walsh28/08/2019
Whole SchoolMy School My Health SurveyMiss Brierley16/07/2019
Whole SchoolForensic ReadingMiss Garnett10/07/2019
Whole SchoolIntroducing Cashless PaymentMr Walsh08/05/2019
Whole SchoolTour De YorkshireMr Walsh26/04/2019
Whole SchoolParentPay Activation LetterMr Walsh26/04/2019
Whole School SIMS Parent App ReminderMrs Jespers26/04/2019
Whole SchoolA Cashless AcademyMr Walsh25/04/2019
Whole School SIMS Parent App User GuideMr Walsh24/04/2019
Whole School Important changes within Boston Spa AcademyMr Walsh29/03/2019
Whole SchoolMOMO Letter to parentsMr Walsh01/03/2019
Whole SchoolChristmas end of term letterMr Walsh14/12/2018
Whole SchoolAdmissions ConsultationMr Walsh06/12/2018
Whole SchoolEnd Of Term LetterMr Walsh25/10/2018
Whole SchoolBe Smart Day Letter - Year 7Ms Brierley24/10/2018
Whole SchoolBe Smart Day Letter - Year 8Ms Brierley24/10/2018
Whole SchoolBe Smart Day Letter - Year 9Ms Brierley24/10/2018
Whole SchoolBe Smart Day Letter - Year 10 & 11Ms Brierley24/10/2018
Whole SchoolYear 11 Assessment Report Letter to parentsMrs Westerman22/10/2018
Whole SchoolStaff ChangesMr Walsh08/10/2018
Whole SchoolConcern Regarding School BusesMr Walsh21/09/2018
Whole SchoolDealing with missing children - West Yorkshire PoliceMrs Brennan21/09/2018
Whole SchoolStart of term letter to parentsMr Walsh03/09/2018
Whole SchoolEnd of Term Letter July 18Mr Walsh19/07/2018
Whole SchoolTGAT Calendar 2018-2019Ms Jespers17/07/2018
Whole SchoolHoliday and Training Dates 2018-2019Ms Jespers17/07/2018
Whole SchoolJuly Letter Home to ParentsMr Walsh13/07/2018
Whole SchoolElliott Hudson College LetterMr Walsh10/07/2018
Whole SchoolTGAT Newsletter July 2018Sir John Townsley03/07/2018
Whole SchoolAcademy Conversion Confirmation LetterMr Walsh07/06/2018
Whole SchoolLetter 11th May - UpdateMr Walsh11/05/2018
Whole SchoolLetter regarding Academy ConversionMr Walsh03/05/2018
Whole SchoolStonewall No Bystanders LetterMrs Ryder20/04/2018
Whole SchoolLetter to parents - TGAT Conversion updateMr Walsh29/03/2018
Whole SchoolLetter to parents LCC SurveyMr Walsh14/03/2018
Whole SchoolGCSE Pod Quick Start GuideMrs Westerman12/03/2018
Whole SchoolGCSE Pod Letter from Mrs WestermanMrs Westerman12/03/2018
Whole SchoolGORSE SCITT Open DayMr Walsh08/02/2018
Whole SchoolStaffing ChangesMr Walsh06/03/2018
Whole SchoolYear 6 letter to parents update on Academy statusMr Walsh02/03/2018
Whole SchoolLetter to LCC from Mr WalshMr Walsh02/03/2018
Whole SchoolLetter to parents future of BSAMr Walsh02/03/2018
Whole SchoolLetter to parents of Year 6 StudentsMrs Brennan02/03/2018
Whole SchoolAcademy Conversion UpdateMr Walsh21/02/2018
Whole SchoolLetter to parents 7th FebruaryMr Walsh07/02/2018
Whole SchoolPastoral Structure Letter to ParentsMrs Ryder06/02/2018
Whole SchoolLetter to parents regarding the conversion to The Gorse Academies Trust (2)Mr Walsh01/02/2018
Whole SchoolLetter to parents regarding the conversion to The Gorse Academies TrustMr Walsh31/01/2018
Whole SchoolLetter to minister regarding conversion to The Gorse Academies TrustMr Walsh31/01/2018
Whole SchoolGORSE SCITT Letter to parentsMr Mckenzie - SCITT Director31/01/2018
Whole SchoolGORSE SCITT General Flyer January 2018Mr Mckenzie - SCITT Director31/01/2018
Whole SchoolEntitlementsMr Walsh04/01/2018
Whole SchoolSave The ChildrenMr Walsh28/11/2017
Whole SchoolInternet Apps LetterMrs Ryder14/11/2017
Whole SchoolChildren in Need 2017 LetterMrs Ryder09/11/2017
Whole SchoolParent App LetterMrs Jespers20/10/2017
Whole SchoolFire Alarm 6th OctoberMr Walsh06/07/2017
Whole SchoolTeaching Training OpportunityMr Walsh04/10/2017
Whole RoomFire AlarmMr Walsh27/09/2017
Whole SchoolCT PlusMr Harper26/09/2017
Whole SchoolLetter to all parentsMr Walsh05/09/2017
Whole SchoolImportant Information for September Letter 2Mr Walsh17/07/2017
Whole SchoolImportant Information for SeptemberMr Walsh14/07/2017
Whole SchoolAn Introduction to PDMr Walsh12/07/2017
Whole SchoolHomeAcademy AgreementMr Walsh12/07/2017
Whole SchoolTransition Book Year 6Mr Walsh07/07/2017
Whole SchoolGrenfell Tower OutcomeMr Walsh30/06/2017
Whole SchoolY7 - Y13 Following ConsultationMr Walsh31/05/2017
Whole SchoolManchester ArenaMr Walsh23/05/2017
Whole SchoolConsultation on Academy ConversionMr Walsh03/05/2017
Whole SchoolConsultation on Timings of the School DayMr Walsh03/04/2017
Whole SchoolSteve WaddingtonMr Walsh01/11/2016
Whole SchoolStart of termMr Walsh09/09/2016
Year 7HPV vaccinationNHS13/07/2019
Year 7 and 8Be Smart Day letter Year 7 & 8Miss Brierley13/03/2019
Year 8Year 8 Options evening letter 2019Mr Boulton28/01/2019
Year 7 & 8Drama letter for Year 7 & 8 parents.Mrs Jespers13/11/2018
Year 7Year 7 Purple Zone LetterMrs Westerman04/10/2018
Year 7Year 7 Be Smart Day letterMiss Brierley03/07/2018
Year 8Year 8 Be Smart Day letterMiss Brierley03/07/2018
Year 9Year 9 Be Smart Day letterMiss Brierley03/07/2018
Year 7Be Smart Day Letter Year 7Miss Brierley26/02/2018
Year 8 + 9Be Smart Day Letter Year 8 + 9Miss Brierley26/02/2018
Year 8Year 8 Options Evening Invitation LetterMrs Brennan23/01/2018
Year 9Year 9 Options Evening Invitation LetterMrs Brennan12/01/2018
Year 9Year 9 OptionsMrs Westerman03/01/2018
Year 8Letter to Year 8 Parents and CarersMrs Westerman02/01/2018
Year 9Year 9 TargetsMrs Jespers27/11/2017
Year 8Year 8 Step LetterMrs Jespers15/11/2017
Year 7Year 7 Target LetterMrs Jespers06/11/2017
Year 7Year 7 Progress ReportsMrs Brennan21/10/2016
Year 9Welcome to Year 9Mrs Westerman21/10/2016
Year 8Year 8 Progress ReportsMrs Brennan21/10/2016
Year 7National Curriculum levelsMrs Westerman23/09/2016
Year 7End of Year and welcome to Year 7Mr Walsh21/07/2016
Year 9Be Smart Day letter Year 9Miss Brierley13/03/2019
Year 10Be Smart Day letter Year 10Miss Brierley13/03/2019
Year 11Be Smart Day letter Year 11Miss Brierley13/03/2019
Year 11Year 11 January revision letterMrs Westerman09/01/2019
Year 11Year 11 Study support timetableMrs Westerman09/01/2019
Year 10Year 10 Be Smart Day letterMiss Brierley03/07/2018
Year 11Exam Letter from Mrs WestermanMrs Westerman04/05/2018
Year 11Year 11 Easter Revision Sessions LetterMrs Westerman23/03/2018
Year 11Year 11 Easter Revision ProgrammeMrs Westerman23/03/2018
Year 10Year 10 AP1 LetterMrs Westerman05/12/2017
Year 11Year 11 Consultation Evening and PPEs LetterMrs Westerman06/11/2017
Year 11Year 11 Target LetterMrs Westerman16/10/2017
Year 116th Form Open Evening Nov 2017Mr Brennan30/10/2017
Year 11Prepare to Perform BookletMrs Westerman19/05/2017
Year 11Preparing students for exams documentMrs Westerman15/05/2017
Year 10English Examinations LetterMrs Westerman28/03/2017
Year 11Countdown to Final examsMr Cooke01/03/2017
Year 10Cultural Exchange to SwedenMiss Miller21/10/2016
Year 10Year 10 Change of GradingMrs Westerman19/10/2016
Year 11Year 11 Change of GradingMrs Westerman03/10/2016
Year 11Maths and English NewsletterMrs Jespers and Mr Ash30/09/2016
Year 11Welcome to Year 11Mr Cooke20/07/2016
Year 10Welcome to Year 10Mr Cooke19/07/2016
Sixth FormRenovation to Sixth FormMr Brennan24/05/2019
Sixth FormLetter to parents from Mr BrennanMr Brennan20/06/2018
Year 13Year 13 - Easter Revision ProgrammeMr Brennan29/03/2018
Sixth FormLetter to parents from Mr BrennanMr Brennan07/03/2018
Sixth FormParents Evening and Info Letter December 2017Mr Brennan01/12/2017
Sixth FormSixth Form Parent AppMrs Jespers14/11/2017
Year 12Copy of the letter from AssemblyMr Brennan21/09/2017
Sixth FormLetter for Year 11 and Year 12 ParentsMr Brennan20/07/2017
Year 12Important DatesMr Brennan22/06/2017
Year 12Dates for forthcoming eventsMr Brennan14/06/2017
Sixth FormUpdates from Mr BrennanMr Brennan27/03/2017
Year 12NCS Letter to Year 12Mr Brennan20/02/2017
Sixth FormDates of InterestMr Brennan10/02/2017
Sixth FormSixth Form ExpectationsMr Brennan26/01/2017
Year 12Welcome to Year 12Mr Brennan23/09/2016
Year 13Welcome to Year 13Mr Brennan23/09/2016