Nikki (Assistant Principal; Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare)

I am an Assistant Principal at Boston Spa Academy, my role is to lead on Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare. Previously, I have worked across The Gorse Academies Trust at Bruntcliffe Academy and The Farnley Academy.  I am excited to share and celebrate your child’s forthcoming achievements with you. Whilst we have the highest of expectations, you will find our academy to be incredibly supportive of young people, guiding them through their journeys in education whilst rewarding and celebrating all that they achieve. I am incredibly proud of our exceptional student community. I believe that learning is sacred, positive discipline provides the foundations for a purposeful, positive and vibrant learning environment where all students can succeed.


Sarah Brennan (Acting Assistant Principal; Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare)

I’ve worked at Boston Spa for twelve years teaching Languages and RE and for the last ten years I have been a Progress and Guidance Leader.  Throughout this time I have worked across all year groups but for the last five years I have led Key Stage 3 and Transition. During this time I have seen many students join Boston Spa and begin their journey with us. From September I will be taking on the role of Assistant Principal for Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare whilst Mrs. Ryder is on maternity leave and look forward to working with you in this new role.

Rebecca Bastow (Pastoral Data Administrator)

My name is Rebecca Bastow and I have worked at BSA for 10 years, working in various departments.

I now work in the Pastoral Office as the Pastoral Data Administrator.  My role involves tracking all student credits and Postcards to ensure they receive their well-earned rewards.  I also track all the Positive Discipline data providing up to date behaviour records for the Academy.

I really enjoy being part of a dynamic team, all working together to support students within the Academy, enabling them to be the best they can be.


Karen Morrell (Attendance Manager)

I have worked at Boston Spa for 17 years, during which time my role has been that of Behaviour Manager. I have seen many changes over this time, and in September 2017, I took on the new role of Attendance Manager as part of the pastoral leadership restructure and have particular responsibility for working with students and families across all year groups to support and improve attendance within the Academy and to reinforce the message to all students: ‘To achieve you must attend’. I look forward to working with all parents and carers throughout the year to support your child in achieving an excellent attendance record in order for them to make exceptional progress in their education.

Sheila Rushton (Student Services)

Having left my home town of Leeds in 1978 to embark on a long career with the Open University in Milton Keynes, I was delighted to return to West Yorkshire in 2009 and to have the opportunity to work with much younger, but equally aspirational, students here at Boston Spa. I currently manage Student Services, which involves ensuring students have all the equipment and resources they need in school and liaising between school and home whenever the need arises.   I also provide administrative and operational support to our Heads of Year over a wide range of activities, including the Year 11 Prom, school visits, options selection, examination preparation and transition arrangements.  My role is a very busy and challenging one but also highly rewarding, and I feel lucky to be part of a team which works so hard to ensure that every child at Boston Spa is able to achieve their full potential and make the very most of the opportunities available to them.

Rob Billington (Head of Year 7)

 “I am now in my tenth year at Boston Spa Academy. I love working at this school – the students are fantastic and there are so many great opportunities available. I previously led Geography for 5 years, but have now moved to a pastoral role that allows me to work with the students in such a variety of different ways (while still allowing me to lead the Iceland trip!)

I think that the role of the form tutor is vital in our school community, and it is my job to ensure that my year team deliver a supportive and engaging environment each day. If children begin the day well, with punctuality, organisation and a clear focus, not to mention laughter, then the tone is set for the day. Should your child ever be in need of help that their tutor cannot provide, they should find me – my door is always open (especially when Sheffield Wednesday beat Leeds)

I’m truly excited to be leading Year 7 at Boston Spa Academy, and to watch as they develop as a cohort. The Year 6 transition days were a huge success, and I look forward to helping your child move on to further success as they begin life in our school.”

Jess Smith (Head of Year 11)

As we embark on another new academic year at Boston Spa Academy, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Year 11 students back to school and to introduce myself as their Achievement Leader.

After working with this year group last year I am excited in taking them through one of their most important academic years to date. During this year we will complete PPEs in November and February in preparation for the GCSE’s in the summer term. As well as exam periods we have many other exciting dates for the diary including reward trips, celebration day and prom.

I am also thrilled to be working with a fantastic group of form tutors; some new to the team and some who have carried forms through since Year 7:

Miss S Miller

Miss M Morgan

Miss Kirkham

Mr Ayres

The form tutor has an incredibly important role in supporting students with their attendance and behaviour each morning. They also ensure that students are set up correctly for the day; with the right equipment and frame of mind to be successful.

As Achievement leader of Year 11 I am dedicated to working with students on their behaviour, progress and attendance. Through my support, the attendance team and that of the full pastoral team we are ensuring all students are set up with the right set of skills to be successful in life, their careers and communities. I want students to continue to grow a new set of skills which include being self-motivated, resilient and curious thinkers. It is important that students make mistakes but learn from these mistakes instead of making them again, both academically and outside of school. My role as Achievement leader for Year 11 is to ensure I do everything possible so that each and every student is successful at Boston Spa Academy.

If you have any questions, concerns or queries please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to working so closely with you all in creating supportive relationships between home and school.


Erin Bierley (Head of Year 8)

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Year 9 students and to introduce myself as their Head of Year.

Having been in post since early 2018, I am very excited to be leading this year group and working with students in what is a crucial point in their academic career. The beginning of Year 9 also marks the beginning of their preparation for the GCSE examinations and it is therefore imperative that all students work hard in every lesson and attend school as much as possible.

I am also delighted to be working with the following team of Form Tutors;

Miss K Joshi – 9BJI

Ms S Timmons and Miss R Entress – 9CES

Mr C Trevor Biddle – 9ATO

Mr M Kay – 9DKA

Mrs E Williams – 9TWA

The Form Tutor is the first point of contact for each student. Every student’s Form Tutor will be monitoring their attendance and behaviour, as well as supporting them so that they are ready and prepared for lessons.

I believe that every child should have equal opportunities to succeed in life and that this can only be achieved through hard work and determination. I want to encourage all students to be resilient, creative learners -we should not be afraid of making mistakes and should not let them discourage us from trying again.

I also believe that students thrive when they feel happy within the school environment; I therefore aim to provide them with a safe, positive experience, one in which they will create memories that they will hold dear for the rest of their lives. Whatever a student’s ambitions and aspirations may be, it is my role as Head of Year 9 to help them on their way to being successful.

If you have any questions, concerns or queries please do not hesitate to contact me or your child’s Form Tutor.

Paul Boulton (Head of Year 8)

As the Head of Year 8, I would like to welcome students to an exciting and important year ahead:    A year of decisions and choices that will lead onto pathways of unique successes and achievement.  Along with myself, our Year 8 students will be supported throughout the year by a strong team of experienced and friendly staff. They are:

Miss Burman, Miss Forster, Miss Smith, Miss Tapp and Mr Barnard.

Year 8 is a crucial time of decisions for our young people. Central to these are the GCSE option choices at the mid-point of the year. As students are securing learning at the end of one key stage, they are planning and organising the next one; this will be the first experience of choosing their future pathways.

My role is to ensure that each person in our year group is guided and informed through this process in a supportive and sensitive manner. My team and I will recognise and nurture skills and strengths and establish decisions that are made in an insightful and considered way. I will be liaising with staff, students and parents throughout this important time to ensure success and happiness for all.

I believe coming to our academy organised and prepared to learn creates an enabling environment where young people can flourish and achieve their own ambitions. The key to this is happiness and a sense of security, evident through our mutual respect and tolerance for each other.

I will ensure that the well-being of our young people in Year 8 creates this positive climate for them to aspire and achieve success.

Lindsey Shepherd (Head of Year 10)

My name is Miss Shepherd, I am extremely excited to be joining Boston Spa Academy in September. I am an experienced middle leader with ten years’ teaching practice across three subject areas: Physical Education, Performing Arts (Dance) and Health and Social Care. I previously worked at Bradford Academy during which I was a successful Head of House, Strategic Leader and completed a Masters in Education.

It is a great privilege to be joining Boston Spa Academy as the new Head of Year 10. Alongside this role, I will be teaching both Health & Social Care and Physical Education.

I look forward to leading Year 10 and working with the learners by offering them support and guidance throughout their school journey. My aims are to ensure the learners are motivated and recognise the importance of attendance and punctuality; seeing everyday as an opportunity to progress and achieve. For them to uphold high aspirations, strive to achieve their best and feel proud of their personal and academic achievements. Finally, for them to develop values, morals and the life skills to progress and become successful adult citizens within our community.

I am looking forward to meeting my year group in September and for the exciting journey ahead.

Amanda Chapman (Attendance Administrator)

Time flies – I’m now in my 14th year at Boston Spa!  Previously I worked in the Year Offices as an Administration Officer, during which time I had the privilege of knowing and witnessing the transformation of pupils from young year 7’s, into confident, talented and mature individuals.

In September 2017, I took on the role of Attendance Administrator, primarily responsible for ensuring all attendance data is accurately recorded.  My role includes supporting and advising parents and carers on all aspects of attendance, including illness, exceptional leave and medical appointments.  I am happy to answer any queries you may have in order to assist your child in maximising their attendance to fulfil their potential.