Nikki Ryder

Assistant Principal; Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare

I am the Senior Assistant Principal at Boston Spa Academy, my role is to lead on Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare. Previously, I have worked across The Gorse Academies Trust at Bruntcliffe Academy and The Farnley Academy.  I am excited to share and celebrate your child’s forthcoming achievements with you. Whilst we have the highest of expectations, you will find our academy to be incredibly supportive of young people, guiding them through their journeys in education whilst rewarding and celebrating all that they achieve. I am incredibly proud of our exceptional student community. I believe that learning is sacred, positive discipline provides the foundations for a purposeful, positive and vibrant learning environment where all students can succeed.

Mrs. Potter

Head of Year 7

I have been a teacher for 18 years and I am fortunate to have spent the last 12 years at Boston Spa Academy. During my career I have undertaken various roles, my main role is a PE teacher where I embed the fundamental values of leadership, teamwork, and good sportsmanship into my practice within the curriculum and through extracurricular activities. Previously I was the leader of Staff Support, Leader of KS5 PE and Leader of Bucktrout House. My pastoral experience extends beyond the classroom as I have led or have attended over 50 residential school trips both in the UK and internationally.
I will be returning back to Boston Spa Academy after starting my own family as Head of Year 7, which I am extremely excited about. I look forward to welcoming our new students as they begin their journey at Boston Spa Academy. I will endeavor to support their educational and social development alongside their emotional wellbeing, allowing our students to face challenges positively, to access and gain success, whilst being grateful and kind people to know.

Mr. Billington

Head of Year 8

I am now in my eleventh year at Boston Spa Academy. I love working at this school – the students are fantastic and there are so many great opportunities available. I previously led Geography for 5 years, but have now moved to a pastoral role that allows me to work with the students in such a variety of different ways (while still allowing me to lead the Iceland trip!)

I think that the role of the form tutor is vital in our school community, and it is my job to ensure that my year team deliver a supportive and engaging environment each day. If children begin the day well, with punctuality, organisation and a clear focus, not to mention laughter, then the tone is set for the day. Should your child ever be in need of help that their tutor cannot provide, they should find me – my door is always open (especially when Sheffield Wednesday beat Leeds)

I loved leading Year 8 through their first year at Boston Spa Academy, developing positive relationships with students and their families that will only grow stronger and help the students to flourish in their coming years. I look forward to building on these partnerships along with my tutors in the coming year.

Mr. Boulton

Head of Year 9

I joined Boston Spa in 1997. During that time, I have led the Art Team and was also Learning Team Leader for all the Creative Art and Technology teams. After a few years working as a photographer, I returned to the Academy in 2017 as Head of Year. I just could not keep away! The role of the pastoral head is one of the most crucial roles in this academy and I relish the challenges this brings. Along with myself, our students will be supported throughout the year by a strong team of experienced and friendly staff. They are:

Ms. Burman, Ms. Forster, Ms. Prakash, Ms. Green, Ms. Pill and Mr Barnard.

I believe coming to our academy organized and prepared to learn creates an enabling environment where young people can flourish and achieve their own ambitions. The key to this is happiness and a sense of security, evident through our mutual respect and tolerance for each other.

I will ensure that the well-being of our young people in Year 9 creates this positive climate for them to aspire and achieve success.

Mr. Dodds

Head of year 10

I am starting my tenth year at Boston Spa Academy and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute since I started as a bright eyed and bushy tailed teacher of Spanish in September 2010. In recent years I have lead the Modern Foreign Languages team but I am excited to begin this new pastoral role of Head of Year 10.

I am passionate about this new role due to the excellent pastoral care and guidance I received during my own secondary education by my outstanding form tutor, without her guidance, support and inspiration I would not be where I am today .It is because of this excellent memory from my own school experience that I am passionate about helping young people to aim high and achieve anything they want to.

I am incredibly excited to begin the new academic year with my year group, I am looking forward immensely to seeing all students in Year 10 grow both personally and academically. I will strive to support your wellbeing in every way I can and together I believe we will enjoy a very successful year.

Mrs. Warner

Head of Year 11

Since joining Boston Spa Academy in September 2018 I have had the privilege of building relationships with both fantastic students and staff. I have really enjoyed the challenging yet rewarding role Head of Year 10 has presented, and I am looking forward to continuing to work alongside these same students as they move forward into year 11.

As an experienced middle leader with over ten years’ teaching practice across three subject areas Physical Education, Performing Arts (Dance) and Health and Social Care, as well as my previous leadership roles as Head of House and Strategic Leader. I believe I have the experience to facilitate and support our fantastic students to achieve their very best over the year ahead.

My aims are to ensure that students recognise the importance of attendance and punctuality; seeing everyday as an opportunity to progress and achieve. To ensure that students feel motivated and strive to achieve their very best, demonstrating resilience and determination. My aim is for all students to uphold high aspirations for themselves and develop a clear understanding of the career opportunities available to them in the future.

Year 11 is a significant time for students and one that can be stressful around the exam period. My role is to ensure that students are fully prepared for their GCSE examinations in order for them to recognise that they have done their very best and show a sense of pride in their own personal and academic achievements.

I believe it is crucial during this year that students feel supported holistically and that positive well-being is vital for students happiness and achievement. I look forward to supporting students by offering advice and guidance throughout the final stages of their school journey.

Mrs Spink

Child Protection Officer

I have worked in Boston Spa for 14 years in a variety of roles in the pastoral team.  For the last 8 years I have worked as a Child Protection Officer.  My role is to offer guidance and support to young people, and to help them deal with any issues that they may be finding difficult or challenging.  My door is always open and I see a number of students during the day. I build good relationships with students and they often call in for a chat.  I am also available to give support and advice to parents and involve appropriate agencies where support is needed and this offers a holistic approach for families.

I enjoy helping and supporting young people though problems and seeing them develop their own skills to build resilience and become successful.  Students can see me though the school day or get in touch through our school website by using the Tell Us email.

Mrs. Morrell

Attendance Manager

I have worked at Boston Spa for 18 years, during which time my role has been that of Behaviour Manager. I have seen many changes over this time, and in September 2017, I took on the new role of Attendance Manager as part of the pastoral leadership restructure and have particular responsibility for working with students and families across all year groups to support and improve attendance within the Academy and to reinforce the message to all students: ‘To achieve you must attend’. I look forward to working with all parents and carers throughout the year to support your child in achieving an excellent attendance record in order for them to make exceptional progress in their education.

Mrs. Chapman

Attendance Administrator

Time flies, I’m now in my 15th year at Boston Spa! Previously I worked in the Year Offices as an Administration Officer. During this time I had the privilege of meeting some wonderful pupils and observing their transformation from young year 7’s into confident, talented and mature individuals.

In September 2017 I took on the role of Attendance Administrator, primarily responsible for ensuring all attendance data is accurately recorded. My role includes supporting and advising parents and carers on all aspects of attendance, including illness, exceptional leave and medical appointments. I am happy to answer any queries you may have in order to assist your child in maximising their attendance to fulfil their potential.

Mrs Bastow

Pastoral Administrator

My name is Rebecca Bastow and I have worked at BSA for 11 years, working in various departments.  Last year I took on a new role based in the Pastoral Office as the Pastoral Data Administrator.  My role involves supporting Heads of Year, tracking all student credits and Postcards to ensure they receive their well-earned rewards, tracking all the Positive Discipline data and providing up to date behaviour records for the Academy and Governors.  I really enjoy being part of a dynamic team, working together offering support to students within the Academy and encouraging them to be the best they can be.

Mrs Rushton

Student Services Administrator

I joined Boston Spa in 2009, and currently work in Student Services which brings me into daily contact with students, parents and staff from across all year groups in the Academy. The actual Student Services Office is well signposted on the main student corridor in school and a good first point of contact for any enquiry. We hold supplies of stationery, equipment and school ties that students can purchase and I am the main point of contact for parents who need to pass urgent messages to their children during the school day. I also provide administrative and operational support to our Heads of Year for a range of activities including the Year 11 Prom, school visits, immunisations, options selection for KS4, and transition arrangements. And in my spare time? I am proud to be a School Governor on the Academy’s Local Governing Body.