We enjoyed welcoming Ben Cox from Row UK to the academy on Thursday as he led a talent ID session for Year 11. He was seeking out those with potential to be high performing rowers by testing their physiological and physical attributes. I was so impressed with the work rate of our students, and look forward to seeing what the data tells us.

In common with academies across The GORSE Academies Trust we are really committed to establishing a rowing club at Boston Spa. This was the first talent ID event we have held, and there will be further opportunities during this term. While this week’s event focused on Year 11 our rowing coach, Mr Watson, will shortly begin after-school sessions on Tuesdays for all year groups.

Rowing will be a key element of the enrichment offered within Elliott Hudson College at Boston Spa from September; just one of the reasons we are so excited about what September brings for our Academy!


This week we launched ‘Gorse gets Healthy’. This is a trust-wide initiative to improve students’ well-being through their physical fitness. It will be evidence based, and all students in Years 7 and 8 are undertaking a fitness test, which will be repeated later in the year to demonstrate evidence of impact.

Every student who takes part in a physical exercise activity in a break time or after school receives a ‘Gorse Gets Healthy’ stamp in their planner. We are pleased to note that we are already seeing an increase in the number of students at extra-curricular PE clubs in Years 7 and 8.


Congratulations to Leo Lockwood, Meg Beesley, Amy Gray, Maya Stephens, Eva Lindley, Ben Wilson, Alex Williams, April Furbank, Jacob Priestley, Livdeep Matharu, Leighton Wager, Corey Franks, Ryan O’Neill, Luke Cooper, Ciaran Connell, Daniel Hemsley, Sukhvinder Roth, Bethany James, Rebecca Speight, Max Long, Harrison Tempest, Frazer Rollings, Grace Sykes and Emily Warbrick who I met on Wednesday during PD Hour. The praise was well deserved!

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