It has been great to launch the extracurricular programme in the performing arts this week. We are delighted with the response to our opportunity to take LAMDA examinations, and for the attendance at extracurricular events.

It’s not just for our students though; you are all invited to the launch of our Community Choir.


Can I commend the new Book Club, led by Miss Forster and Miss Miller to you? All years are welcome, it will be very good.


Two weeks in and Year 7 are settling in well; what are their views of life in Boston Spa Academy?

Daisy Tumilty (Barwick-in-Elmet Primary)

At Boston Spa I didn’t know my way around at all, so I asked a couple of teachers or students where to go. They tell you where to go and you still get there on time. My first lesson at Boston was Maths and it was a lot of fun because we played a few games. At lunchtime you can go up to the football pitches and play football to get a stamp. At Boston Spa you will make lots of new friends. It might take a couple of days, but you will make friends who are kind and amazing. There are a lot of good clubs to do at lunch break or after school. After school there is drama, football and more. At break or lunch time you can do music clubs, book clubs and more. PE is a lot of fun; you do it twice a week and you do a lot of different sports. Art is tons of fun! You get to do painting, colouring, sketching design a front cover for you art book.

Louis Botterill (Bramham Primary)

Boston Spa Academy is a whole new experience; more lessons, more teachers and a better environment for all! My favourite lessons are maths and English; there are so many new techniques I’ve never even heard of. There are all sorts of afterschool clubs to look forward to, including break times. In your first few weeks you’re bound to get lost, fortunately there are always teachers in the corridor to help you with directions and ensure you get to lessons on time to avoid getting a late comment. Overall, this outstanding school gets a 10/10 from me.

Wiliam Nickson (Deighton Gates Primary)

Boston Spa is an amazing school which offers a totally new experience. It is so easy to make friends and there are so many chances to make happy memories with the vast range of opportunities on offer. The staff and teachers are always really helpful if you have any questions and your form tutor is always supportive. The subjects and lessons are always enjoyable and you are always encouraged to join in the discussion and the food is very nice.

Hannah Stott (St Mary’s C of E Primary School)

Boston Spa Academy is exciting to look forward to because:

  • All the food is delicious
  • Everyone is kind
  • Teachers are always willing to help
  • Staff members can direct you to your next lesson
  • Every lesson is different so everyone gets a chance
  • There are lots of activities
  • You will get rewards for making an effort in class
  • Every year, you get to go to lots of difference places like Lightwater Valley.
Olivia Dodsworth (Bardsey Primary School)

At Boston Spa you must work hard and try your hardest. If you get lost you can just ask a teacher. The food is very healthy and it is much better than anywhere else. Also the new PE section is unbelievably fun and I would definitely recommend the table tennis. The school encourages you to take part in sport. My favourite lesson is science, the teachers are very nice and I am very excited about the cool experiments we do. It is a very welcoming school and has a lot of people to talk to if you are upset or worried. It is very easy to make friends as everyone is nice to you. There is somewhere called the quad with a pond in it and it has little fish in it.

Archie Latham (Scholes in Elmet Primary School)

At Boston Spa there are lots of great things to do. Such as after school clubs and obviously the food! There are so many choices to pick from. Also, I liked textiles because you can make things and each half term you do different things like food-technology. The PE is really good because there are so many sports to do and where to do them like the astro, tennis sports centre and the other two sports halls. You can go to the astro to play football at the two breaks. When you first come to this school you will be wondering where to go but the teachers and students are kind, they will just tell you where to go.

Eve O’Beirne (Primrose Lane Primary School)

At Boston Spa, all the staff are friendly, the food is really good – delicious. There are always staff around to help you. There are loads of opportunities for you. I do drama class and it boosts my confidence, it is really enjoyable. You can also do table tennis, football and fitness club (which Mrs Potter runs). All the staff are really friendly and they are always there to help you when you need it. The lessons are really interesting. I like the way that (in art class) you get to personalise your own book by designing the cover. All the teachers take the lesson at your pace and make sure everyone understands the learning. One of my favourite lessons is PE. This is because I really like sport and the PE teachers are really friendly.

Emily Bell (Shadwell Primary School)

Boston Spa School is a fantastic, well run school with great teachers and helpful students. At first I didn’t really know where to go but when I asked the teachers or pupils I knew exactly where to go and now I can tell other children where to go just like the other children told me. The school is really energetic and they have a go for the goals of stamps. Maths is a great subject as we all contribute and get stamps at the end and during the lesson to praise us and the work we have done. Boston Spa is a very warm and welcoming school with a wide range of activities to offer. They do rowing as well as all the other sports. I am happy that I am here and look forward to the next years as it is a lovely magnificent school. It is a great school to choose.

Connor Salisbury (Wetherby St James Primary School)

When I first came to Boston Spa I soon realised that there was so much more opportunities than my other schools. My first lunch here was amazing, the food here was a lot better than I had ever had at previous schools. The staff here helped everyone, if you were to ask someone for help they always help you out. This school is always really active going from football and PE to after school clubs. Art – when I started at Boston Spa (I previously didn’t enjoy Art), but when I finished my first lesson of Art I realised how fun and enjoyable it is.

Harry Million (Shadwell Primary School)

My time at Boston Spa has been extremely fun so far. All the teachers are really kind and helpful and all of the work is really exciting and new. At first I was really nervous but once I arrive at Boston Spa I felt a lot better. At either breaks you can get food which is really tasty. In PE you do all sorts of different sports; the teacher always pushes you to your limits and helps you if you ever need it. Maths is always really fun as I’ve learnt loads of new ways to get my answers and they are all much easier. DT is really great because you get to do lots of different things like textiles, food technology and you get to build all kinds of things. Overall my experience at Boston Spa has been amazing (a lot better than what I thought it would be like). Now every morning I can’t wait to arrive at Boston Spa.

Chauncey Mitchell (Shadwell Primary School)

Boston Spa is a great school to choose for your child. It has a lot of lessons and activities to choose from which I am sure can make your child go a long way. In PE there is plenty to choose from, such as netball, football and basketball. All the children are extremely helpful, especially in the first few weeks. Art is also a great subject as you get to let yourself free in your work such as at the start, you can design your own front cover where you can express yourself. In drama there are also plenty of activities to choose from. Boston Spa also display good work when they are proud of children for others to see. There is also always someone you can go and speak to if something is wrong such as Mr Walsh, Student Services, Form teacher and older students. When teachers are teaching you, you can always ask for help and they will (no mistake).

Edie Trutch (Collingham LH Primary)

My experience at Boston Spa so far has been hard working because we have so many interesting lesson to get on time to such as textiles, where we did tie dying pieces of cotton squares. English we learnt about Greek myths and legends. In History we learnt about our magnificent monarchs of the past. The staff and students at Boston Spa have been kind, caring and nice through the day. Everyone was so sensible on the fire drill when we had to walk all the way around school quickly that makes me feel like I have a lot of trust in this school already and I have not even attended school for two weeks yet. My favourite thing about Boston Spa is that the pupils in Year 7 are so nice and this is why it’s so easy to make friends.

Kaydon Ward (Thorner Primary School)

The teachers are really nice and are always helpful and happy. The school dinners are great and you will always get loads of options. All the students are great and you will make loads of new friends. You will get loads of stamps if you behave well.

You will be encouraged to be active and PE is good because you don’t just do one thing. Maths is good; you will always be able to start on easy questions if you’re not confident. Break Times are nice to have a snack so that you have the whole of lunch time to do whatever.


At the heart of Positive Discipline is the celebration, recognition and reward of students. It is always a delight to meet those identified for special praise during PD hour. This week I was pleased to praise the following: Archie Firth, Elizabeth Lloyd, Heath Brough, Kiran Hussain, Harrison McGann, April Furbank, Maddie Thompson, Liam Harding, Sam Fasey, Alexander Kay, Kaydon Ward, Emily Hessey, Dylan Yarker, Leighton Wager, Dougie Darley, Jack Hunter, Charlotte Lamb, Frazer Rollings, Jess Nelson, Kaydee Watson, Isabella Cleary, Adam Wilkinson, Emma Dodsworth, Amelia Bell, Trinity Smith Brooking, Connor Salisbury, Archie Robinson, Harry Smith, Poppy Smith, Lizzy Pendleton.


Mr Potter and his team do a great job maintaining our extracurricular provision. The chart above displays opportunities for this term.