We have our champions! Congratulations to Larina Sabah, Ted Heffernan, Kiran Hussain and Charlotte Lambe who will head to The Ruth Gorse Academy on Thursday to compete against the other Trust academies. By this stage this is much less about spelling and much more about character, so these four really have my admiration. We are excited for them and wish them well. If you would like to support them in the final, it starts at 4.00pm.


Today has been staff training day right across the Trust, with all our subjects meeting in different schools to share curriculum planning. This is not usual; very few schools work in this way; very few schools have this level of trust and openness with one another that facilitates the opportunity for such high quality collaborative work.  It was precisely the opportunity for this type of school to school interaction that we all worked so hard for in becoming part of TGAT and I am really pleased that we are now able to work in this way.


Congratulations to Mrs Brown and her team who were judged to be maintaining a rating of 5 in the Food Standards Agency hygiene standards. These inspections are detailed, rigorous and unannounced; I am really pleased that the team have received such an important affirmation.


Thank you for your support for the parents’ evening last night. I valued the opportunity to meet with so many parents. It was a very important night with the key focus on becoming ‘Year 11 ready’.


Click here to view the Year 11 easter revision table

Year 11 revision is already underway and our Period 6 programme of after-school revision is really well attended. Students will receive their Easter Holiday revision timetable on Monday which outlines the important revision sessions on offer during the holiday.

After Easter we begin the Year 11 ‘Runway’ when we begin to add revision and booster sessions into the timetable up to and during the exam period. A letter with the full programme will be sent home before this begins. We are very grateful for support from home with all of this.


Congratulation for all of the following whose great work in school was celebrated in PD hour this week: Edward Thornton, Amelia Whittingham. William McDonald, Jess Tucker, Lily Barton, Alizee Joly, Sam Kilby, Madeleine Tue, Sophie Wilkinson, Quinesha Loney, Tilly Brown, Isabel Couldwell, Daniel Garlick, Felicity Camp, Poppy Smith, Rachel Wilson, Emily Stephenson, Sophie Jackson, Libby Henderson, Bailey Kitchen, Molly Grimes, Grace Taylor, Eva Lindley, Charlie Osgerby, Daniel Hemsley, Jake Fisher, Edward Redfern, Maddie Wood, Evie Wood, Amelia Wiltshire, Lylamae Rennison, and Ajay Whitmore.


This week, we enjoyed the second ‘Be Smart’ day of the academic year, with a variety of activities pertinent to their personal, social, health and cultural development, all around the theme of Rights and Responsibilities.  The purpose of the day was to provide students with an understanding of their rights and responsibilities in a variety of different contexts, to aid them in tackling a wide range of situations that they may encounter throughout their life with confidence and accuracy.

Our students enjoyed the following: GORSE Gets Healthy encouraged the students to examine their responsibilities around staying healthy, I’m With Sam, was a session aligned with a campaign run by the charity Dimensions, where students looked at discrimination against those with a learning disability or autism. In a session led by Stonewall we welcomed Miki teaching about students’ rights and responsibilities around homophobic, transphobic and biphobic bullying.  In a session on Gender students looked at why gender stereotypes exist, what they consist of and what impact (both negative and positive) these stereotypes can have on society. The session Rock ‘Enrol’ looked at the history of political voting, why people vote and why it is important for them to have their say. In Reproductive Rights Years 10 and 11 examined scenarios in which a woman could find herself pregnant and assessed the options she has in each case. The session on Consent helped Year 9 to understand what sexual consent is, why it’s important and what to do if you are not sure whether consent has been given. In Road Safety Year 9 and 10 looked at strategies to stay safe on the road, whether as a cyclist, pedestrian, or passenger in a car. 

I am very grateful for the work of Miss Brierley for all of her planning of this.


For the Be Smart Day the Sixth Form focussed on ‘Careers and Destinations’. Students experienced a series of sessions on UCAS, university applications and personal statements, apprenticeships, work experience and volunteer work.

Students were especially fortunate to hear from two guest speakers, Laurence Dilworth and Anna Havard who gave an account of their careers in law and accounting.  Laurence explained his career from his French undergraduate degree to post-graduate Law conversion to his current role at Henry Hyams, including some of the fascinating cases he’s been involved in.   Anna was equally fascinating, talking of her roles at Primark, Mars and Asda and some of the key logistical aspects of corporate costs and efficiency. Both stressed the importance of initiative, leadership and work-life balance and both offered great advice to our students. We are enormously appreciative of their time.

It was good to see our New York trip not just on the front page of the Wetherby News, but also with a two page spread. Congratulations to Jack Berry, Laura Birdsall, Rebecca Cass, Emily Hawkins, Bethan Kelsey, Baljit Roda, and Deanna Smith who wrote the article.


It was brilliant to be invited into Mrs Banks’ Year 7 class to see their creativity on the theme of a ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’, where she asked them to recreate the enchanted forest. There were some spectacular cakes and excellent models; a great credit to all involved.


On Wednesday students from across our year groups competed in the annual RowUK/ RowLeeds event at the John Charles Centre for Sport. The event was very well set up and organised and students really felt the intensely competitive atmosphere of the event. Our students are new to the sport, and without extensive training we achieved some excellent distances and positions from the 20 rowers in each year group:

Max Long                  Year 7 boys               416m in 2 minutes   (10th position)

Frankie Umpleby      Year 8 girls                677m in 3 minutes   (7th position)

Lucy Foster               Year 9 girls                920m in 4 minutes   (6th position)

Charlie Ball                Year 9 boys               945m in 4 minutes (12th position)

Harry Botterill            Year 11 boys            1549m in 6 minutes (5th position)

Mr Potter reflected that that ‘all our students worked their absolute hardest and pushed through to the very end, supporting each other at every event and doing Boston Spa Academy proud’.

The same evening the Year 7 boys’ football team travelled to Woodkirk in the quarter final of the city cup. We peppered the opposition’s goal from start to finish and rarely looked like conceding. However, the goal didn’t come until the last 2 minutes of the match when Stevie Evans pounced onto a rebound. The final score was a 1-0 victory with Lucas Parish player of the match.

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