The Extended Project Qualification allows students to embark on a largely self-directed and self-motivated project. Students must choose a topic, plan, and research and develop their idea and decide on their finished product. It is academically rigorous and encourages creativity and curiosity. This has the value of half an A Level.

This year our Year 13 EPQ students have been more ambitious than ever in the projects they chose. They have been of the highest quality and possibly the widest range of any in recent years.

Naomi Tooke spent two years establishing a means to create a lasting legacy of gratitude for those involved in transplant operations. What started as an idea two years ago is now a fully operational ‘Tree of Life’ at St James’ Hospital where patients, donors and medics can interact and give thanks and recognition. It is a phenomenal achievement.

Josh Fielden wrote a stunning research essay on the responsibility, ethics and impact of Nike in Vietnam. Uncovering many abuses of workers’ rights, Josh managed to create a balanced and nuanced take on the role of trans national corporations in the developing world.

Emily Hawkins chose to research and write a children’s book about how to cope with OCD. An ambitious project, the fully illustrated 40 page finished manuscript was remarkable for the quality of the text and the illustrations. Perhaps more remarkably Emily illustrated the book herself. It is a unique work, and very brave. Understandably she is receiving a great deal of press attention and is now seeking to publish her book.

Well done to them all; a stellar year!



Year 9 GCSE Design Technology Textiles students visited the York College fashion show at the Park Inn Hotel in York. They were able to view garments designed and created by first and second year fashion clothing and production students. As they approach the start of their coursework, the graduate designs gave them plenty of inspiration for their design work


Congratulations to all of the following who were sent to me for praise during PD Hour: Bailey Clayton, Charlie Osgerby, Misha Kitchen, Charlie Stirk, Eva Lindley, Maisie Trutch, Kian Ducey, Eleanor Aitken, Jake Rogers, Archie Taylor, Yasmin Suttle, Priya Digwa, Molly Grimes, Tia Milne, Daniel Garlick, Joe Ogden, Charlotte Lambe, Harry Meaden, Emily Swordy and Zofia Bociek,


This week we have trialled the new queuing arrangements for going cashless on 3rd June. It has worked well and it has already increased the speed with which students access their meal. Speed of service will improve again when we switch to cashless tills after half term. Thank you for all your support with this; it is much appreciated.


On Monday, our Sports Leaders organised and ran the first heat of the local Primary Schools’ Kwik Cricket Competition at Wetherby Cricket Club.  Nine teams competed, which is the best attendance we have ever had. The Year 9 Sports leaders umpired and scored the matches. Thank you to Charlie Ball, Bailey Clayton, Sam Courtman, Billie Hedley, Eva Jenkins, Sam Kilby, Luke Neary and Joe Young.  They did a fantastic job and have been invited back to officiate at the finals.

We also had a great first Rounders match for the Year 7 girls as they travelled to Garforth for a friendly fixture.  The girls put in a convincing performance showing good commitment when fielding, taking some good catches and communicating well in the field. The team won the first innings by 7 to 3 and a half, and the second 8 and a half to 6. A great start to the summer Rounders season. Player of the match for excellent batting was Ayva Bernard. The team was Poppy Burton, Megan Sykes, Grace Sykes, Connie Edwards, Sophie Dennis, Juliz Paho Tchouankwe, Izzy Srinivasa, Ayva Bernard.

On Wednesday the boys’ Year 8 and Year 10 tennis teams hosted Ackworth. We managed our first win of the year in a very closely contested Year 10 match, as player of the match Omar Natarajan won a very tough game to give a 3-2 victory overall. The Year 8 score finished 4-1; the boys’ were excellent throughout and showed fantastic character to the end.


As part of the trust wide ‘Gorse Gets Healthy’ initiative we are developing a workout of the week. We would encourage you to have a go with the family!