I was so impressed by Larina Sabah, Ted Heffernan, Kiran Hussain and Charlotte Lambe at The Great Gorse Spelling Bee. It was so tough, akin to a combat sport. I would have failed to progress in every round, and I am so proud of the character shown by all four of our champions, there was courage beyond their years.


As part of our Sixth Form enrichment volunteering program we were pleased this Wednesday to welcome the Anthony Nolan Trust. The visit follows a powerful assembly led by Mrs Page, one of our Science team, who told the story of her son and the bravery of a stem cell donor that saved his life and how it was the work of the Anthony Nolan Trust that brought them together.

Students were invited to sign up to the stem cell register with the possibility of becoming a bone marrow donor and potentially a life saver. The response was amazing with 30 students signing up and giving a swab sample to be sent off to test for a match. We were immensely proud of our students who were queuing up and asking lots of interesting questions before colleagues from the Anthony Nolan Trust had a chance to even set up!


Last night we held a successful Open Evening for students looking to join Elliott Hudson College Boston Spa in September from other local Year 11 cohorts. We were really pleased with the turn out and very impressed by the candidates.

A great deal of work is going into to aligning Boston Spa with the best of Elliott Hudson College for September, including careers provision that will further develop our outstanding record of students attaining places at Oxbridge, medicine, law and top Russell Group Universities.

Plans for the transformation of the buildings are progressing well and we remain on schedule to open a brilliant facility that, coupled our results that sit in the top 10% of providers nationally, will present a genuinely outstanding Post 16 provision for the Year 11s right across the locality.

It is so pleasing that the support last year from all our families for us to join The GORSE Academies Trust is bringing such an incredible dividend into our community.


It is really important to celebrate great work at the end of a term, so today there was a series of celebration assemblies for each year group.

Amongst those congratulated and celebrated were the tutor group stars in Year 7, Eloise Holroyd, Jakub McMillan, Nora Stark, Charley Stirk, Leon Quyn, Annabelle Shepherd and Georgie Smith. The top ten students for credits are Emma Garlick, Rebecca Watson, Holly Chandler, Georgie Smith, Poppy Smith, Matt Doria, Juliz Paho Tchouankwe, James Brattley, Mia Bevons and James Hepworth.
The top clean slates belong to Livdeep Matharu, Jack Akers, Jonathan Dykes, Priya Digwa, Leland Kilbride, Matthew Towns, Maisy Seaton, Megan Hatherley, Madison Williamson, Poppy Smith, Paige Briggs, Nora Stark, James Hepworth, Ed Thornton, Rebecca Watson, Chloe Wharton, Eloise Holroyd, Harry Smith, Bentley Reed, Eve Ryder, Moza Abdullah, Georgie Smith, Matt Doria, Luke Brooks, Sidney Oakley-O’Brien, Salsa Hasan, Mia Bevons, Molly Grimes, Quinesha Loney, Danielle Des Forges, Anna Dodsworth, Isaac Joly, Annabelle Shepherd, Izzy Srinivasa, George Stott, and Sophie Dennis.

In Year 8 we celebrated those who had achieved the most credits so far, Arabella Williams, Megan Reynolds, Harry Meaden, Will McDonald, Emily Hessey,  Molly Reynolds, jack Rogers, Ruby Alderson, Jessica Tucker and, the highest,  Daniel Myers..
Those with the most clean slates were Ava Williams, Fynnlay Wiltshire, Emily Tucker, Natalie Moore, Alicia Howitt,

In Year 9 the top credit earners so far are Annaliese Irwin, Sarah Mohammadi, Lottie Parker, Kian Willatt, Ava Bagshaw, Millie Edwards, Maisie Trutch, Emily Adair, Lily Wilkinson, and Kiran Hussain.   Those with the most clean slates were Allix McGrath, Emily Adair, Lucy Foster, Joanie Groves and Maisie Trutch.
The Year 9 tutors had particular praise for Trinity Smith Brooking, Sam Dobronics, Ahmad Alredham, Mary Latham and Joe Kendall.

In Year 10 the top credit earners were Charlotte Hemsley, Spencer Smith, Nelly Forba, David Mawson, Ellie Garbutt, Josh Thompson, Freya Salt Smith, Maks Cervonnihs and Ayisha Mirza. Those with clean slates were Sama Rafinia, Ellie Garbutt, Maks Cervonnihs, Eve Kavanagh, Charlotte Hemsley, Spencer Smith, Emma Dodsworth, Amelia Dayson, Molly Jones, Sophie Skelton, Charlotte Lambe, Amy Gray, Lily Oakley O’Brien, Jess Speight, and Adam Cass.
The tutor group stars were Mille Heffernan, Charlotte Hemsley, Emma Dodsworth, Charlotte Lambe and Adam Cass.


It is always a joy to congratulate students in PD Hour. Well done to Ethan Utley, Callum Bonner, Quinesha Loney, Maddy Tue, Miguel Costa, Kian Willatt, Spencer Smith, Ryan Egan Sharpe, Zack Shevlin, Ethan Norford, Tyler Hunter, Kazie Grant, Michael Dewhirst, Vaishali Patel, Edward Gaunt, Ben Wilson, Sam Harper, Owen Wright, Jake Rogers, Sarah Mohammadi, Eva Jenkins, Olivia Hessey, Emelia Thompson, Luke Neary, Lille Robinson, Mia Bevons, Max Long, Adam Wilkinson, Noah Whittingham, Maisey Seaton, Megan Hatherley, Rahmatshah Assadi, Jada Marshall, Kitan Hussain, Maisie Trutch, and Sophie Wilkinson.


On Monday 8 students attended Stephen Longfellow Academy to take part in their Karate grading. All of our students passed and achieved either red or yellow belt. The students worked incredibly hard and showed great attitude and focus. Congratulatons to Amy Skelton, Danielle Desforges, Isabella Elliott, Lucy Foster, Lucy Skipper, Megan Hatherley, Nora Stark  and Paige Briggs 7

On Wednesday the Year 7 boys’ rugby team attended the ‘Sky 9 Rugby League Event’ run by Leeds Rhinos the boys played extremely well in all 3 matches that resulted with a win, a draw and a loss. The level of skill and determination shown by our pupils was excellent. Noah Whittingham was our player of the tournament.

On Thursday evening the Year 7 girls’ football team played in the semi-final of their Merit Cup Journey, at home against Benton Park. After 10 minutes Megan Sykes opened up the scoring with a shot from outside the box. This gave the girls confidence to keep attacking and score once more. Again Megan was able to knock the ball around a defender and strike the ball at the keeper who fumbled and the ball which went into the back of the net. Score line at half time 2-0. Connie Edwards opened the scoring in the second half with a right footed shot, then Megan and Izzy Srinivasa followed with great follow up goals. Just before the final whistle Connie sneaked in another goal from outside the keeper’s area leaving the final score at 6-0 to Boston. An excellent result on a lovely sunny afternoon. Our player of the match was Tejha Smith.

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