We have been progressing well with our plans for becoming a cashless academy.

A really important part of this development is to reduce the time students spend in a queue, so this week we have firmed up new arrangements that will allow students to choose the queue that will bring them to the meal of their choice.

I am sure this will very much improve the quality of student experience, but we can only do this when our families have granted us permission to hold biometric data, and have opened their ParentPay account.

By far the easiest way to give biometric permission is through our Parent App. If you are not a current user you will have received a new invitation last week by email. If you have not found this please check your junk mail folder, otherwise you should telephone Reception and ask for Mr Hemstock who will be pleased to support you.

The deadline for biometric permission is next Friday (10th May). We will be collecting the data in tutor time during the week beginning Monday 13th May. We will be cashless on Monday 3rd June. ParentPay accounts are not active for expenditure until Monday 3rd June, and so any meals purchased before this date will still need to be paid for with cash.


Congratulations to Megan Hatherley (Grade 4 flute with Merit), Charlotte Hemsley (Grade 5 Clarinet with Distinction and Grade 5 Music theory with Distinction) who are our latest musicians to make progress through the ABRSM exams. There are many many hours of dedication and hard work behind these achievements and both students have my respect and admiration.


This term Year 7 have been studying the history of the movement of people into the UK and recent lessons have been focusing on the impact of immigration on the UK.

As a part of this students were asked to write a letter articulating their thoughts to a newspaper. I am delighted to share the exceptional letter, addressed to Gary Jones, Editor in chief of the Daily Express, written by Edward Redfern; it is an exceptional piece of work. Please click on the pdf icon to read the letter.



On Tuesday in Sixth Form we were pleased to invite the candidates into the Academy for the contested Wetherby Ward local election seat. We extended an invitation to all the candidates, and were joined by David Hopps from the Liberal Democrats, Ruth Corry from the Green Party and Councillor Alan Lamb for the Conservative Party (standing in for the candidate Gerald Wilkinson). We were disappointed not to be joined by a representative of the Labour Party.

The event took the form of a hustings with candidates asked 10 to 12 pre-arranged questions and then being given around 90 seconds to articulate an answer or rebuttal of an opponent’s answers.

Each candidate was refreshingly frank and honest in their responses and found common ground on issues affecting the local area including the environment and housing. The students were impressed with the passion and integrity of each of the candidates.

I was so pleased to see the level of engagement of our students, whose enthusiasm and hunger for the debate meant that it extended past its scheduled end time, even continuing into Reception as our guests sought to leave!



Congratulations to all the students who I met during PD Hour this week: Jude Clynes-Smith, Lyla Whittle, Poppy Burton, Koebi Thorpe, Dion Clements Smith, Millie Hefferman, Evan Bentley, Holly Chandler, Ben Keachie, Ethan Norford, Ella Thomas, Lily Taylor, Olivia Hessey, Timothy Sergeant, Joshua Thompson, Barry Valentine, Harrison Tempest, Rachel Mensah, Lily Hodgson Mallory, Grace Taylor, Heath Brough, Nathan Burton, Finlay Dunlop, Harry Botterill, Keira Cash, Emily Adair and Lois Smith.


On Wednesday we hosted the partnership Primary School Mini Tennis Finals. Six teams from four schools attended the event competing over two age groups. Our Year 8 and 9 Sports Leaders once again helped run and officiate the matches, and as always they were a credit to the school.  Collingham Lady Hastings won both age group competitions and St Edwards came 2nd in both.

We are very grateful to Emily Hessey, Bethany James, Ruby Jordan, Ben Keachie, Emily Tucker, Isobel Tucker, Jess Tucker, Ava Williams, Alizee Joly, Mary Latham, Luke Neary, Lucy Stanton, Sophia Towns, Maisie Trutch, and Joe Young for their support.

Our PE team work hard to maintain a full extra-curricular programme. Our summer term offer is on our website.

This weekend is the Skegness Festival of Football. This is our 17th consecutive year of competing. It is a challenging tournament, as most sides are club teams, drawing from the best of three or four schools, so we do well to hold our own every year. We will update you on our progress on Twitter, and we will have a full report next week.