We are very pleased to invite families from across our locality to the Elliott Hudson College Boston Spa Open Evening on Thursday 28 November. There will be opportunity to see the new facilities, to hear from Mr Brennan and Mr Holtham about future plans as well as to immerse yourself in the subject rubrics. The event starts at 6.00pm and you will all be very welcome.

The Elliott Hudson College Boston Spa Student Council have big plans for November and December. Led by Lily Thompson and Ollie Hills, charity is very much on their agenda.

One area of their focus is to raise money for Leeds MIND and promote mental health and well-being awareness. Events will include a bake sale, raffle, Christmas tree and guest speakers. A second initiative is setting up a food bank for St. George’s Crypt.

Finally, as we plough headlong into one of the bitterest general election campaigns in living memory, the Student Council will risk inviting in the parliamentary candidates for Elmet and Rothwell to face-off in a Q&A and debate in late November.  This will be followed by a school wide mock election on Election Day.


Maisie Trutch and Annaliese Irwin tell the story of Boston in Iceland

We began what was going to be a long day at 5:30 in the morning! We travelled to Glasgow where we would be flying to Keflavik airport for our stay in Reykjavik; our hotel would be the Arctic Comfort Hotel. In the evening we went to a buffet restaurant near the centre of Reykjavik, and afterwards walked down to the seafront and around the city, where we saw various sculptures/ landmarks, such as the huge church Hallsgrimskirkja, which was quite different to those we are used to seeing in the UK.

We were up early on day two to see the magnificent national park, followed by the enormous Gulfoss waterfall which was partly frozen! It was bitterly cold! Later we went to the Great Geyser, which was magnificent. When it shoots hot spring water up, it creates a rainbow!

We saw turbines from a viewing point at the Hellisheidi geothermal power station and enjoyed a lovely time at the Blue Lagoon in the late afternoon, where we were offered delicious drinks and amazing face masks. When we were leaving, we saw the northern lights which were beautiful.


On our third day we went on a glacier walk, which in fact was very difficult but was an experience for everybody who went. Afterwards, we went to the black sand beach where we saw things like sea stacks. Later, we were blown away by the Skogafoss waterfall, which is more than 200ft tall and was spectacular. We had the opportunity to walk to the top, to see the breath-taking views from above. We followed this with Seljalandsfoss, which again was frozen! That evening, we went to the hamburger restaurant for some well-deserved dinner!

On our final day, we spent time in the centre of Reykjavik, souvenir shopping for family and friends, to show what an amazing time we’d had, to remember some of the wonders of Iceland such as the northern lights, to exemplify their true beauty. Once we had finished, we took our last trip to the places that smelt of egg as a result of the high concentration of sulphur. These were geothermal areas and hot springs, plus Lake Kleifarvatn viewpoint and many more. We ended the trip, flying back to Manchester airport, later to arrive back to school, exhausted from our amazing experiences!

I am enormously grateful to the staff team who gave up their holidays to make this trip possible.


Thank you for all the kind comments this week following my letter home in which I shared my intention to retire at the end of term. I have appreciated all of the comments; it has been very humbling. Your children have been very kind in the things they have said.

Mr Ryder and I have already started working together, and will continue to do so over these next six weeks. We will make sure that Boston Spa Academy continues to flourish and thrive.

Mr Ryder is an exceptional school leader, and while it has been difficult to make my decision, it became much easier for me once I knew that I would be handing over to Mr Ryder. All of our families can be confident that Boston Spa Academy is in excellent hands and the momentum to ‘Build A Better Boston’ will continue uninterrupted.


Well done to all of the young people who have worked so hard to bring this production together. We very much look forward to seeing a section being performed during our Christmas concert on Tuesday 11 December.


On Tuesday, Year 11 experienced an excellent production of their Literature set text ‘An Inspector Calls’.

The Footlights Theatre Company staged an hour long version of the play, followed by a question and answer session. The play was brilliantly imagined and students gained an excellent opportunity for revision before their Literature mock exam. It was fantastic to see how engaged our students were, particularly with the actor who portrayed The Inspector. Students asked detailed questions during a hot seating activity and listened carefully to new and alternative interpretations to key ideas in the play. We really enjoyed hosting The Footlights Theatre Company and hope to see them back in the academy again


I enjoyed joining Miss Baker’s Year 9 GCSE class this week where they were studying Pop Art and in particular Andy Warhol. They were focussing on Warhol’s screen-printed portraits, such as the ‘Marilyn Diptych’ (1962). Through drawing and painting, students have developed an understanding of the colour schemes and compositions in Warhol’s work and they are now deepening their understanding by exploring new methods to create similar effects, such as using digital manipulation on Photoshop. Students were enjoying the opportunity to use their own photographs to develop a series of images in Warhol’s style.


Congratulations to all the students with whom I was able to celebrate their achievements during PD Hour this week: Connie Edwards, Ella Ritchie, Milly Miles-Shenton, Sophie Wilkinson, Ben Wilson, Bobby Isbell, George Carry, Max Olbison, Evie Burns, Chloe Glover, Chloe Ndlovu, Emily Adair, Krystal Hewitt-Thackray, Jada Marshall, George Stott, David Mawson, Jessica Taylor, Jessica Barclay, Jess Parkin, Fraser Douglas, Charlie Hunter, Callum Ferguson, Freya Hurley-Hussain and Nora Stark.


We are really well supported by our Governors. They give their time freely to the academy and have successfully brought us from being the local authority school to being established members of The GORSE Academies Trust, where we are enjoying record results.

Our local Governing Body is made up of the Principal, a member of staff, community governors, Trust appointed Governors, the TGAT Executive Principals and parent representatives and we have a vacancy for a parent Governor. Details of how to apply have been sent to all parents, and can be found here. Thank you in advance for your consideration of this.


Our teams were disappointed this week when two matches were cancelled due to   the opposition pulling out. On Wednesday our Year 7 boys’ football team hosted an exceptionally strong Cardinal Heenan side in the City Cup, we fell behind quickly in the game and their attitude was relentless. Our boys worked fantastically hard throughout the game and showed great character and determination in an attempt to get into the game. Despite this, the final score was 9-1; Ben Thornton scored our goal and Kaydon Ward was our player of the match.