Mrs Westerman distributed the Year 11 mock results this week, and there is much to praise, with the class of 2019 ahead in all measures on the Class of 2018, who themselves excelled when it came to the real exams.

There is much to celebrate, and Mrs Westerman’s assembly is here. There is no time for complacency though; there are just 35 teaching days before the first exam!


The Great GORSE Spelling Bee was the first varsity-style competition to be run right across the Trust. Its first aim is to promote and enhance literacy skills, but it also aims to encourage healthy competition between the academies in both the secondary and primary phases.

The competition runs for a four week period culminating in a live final at The Ruth Gorse Academy on Thursday 28th March.

Participation in these types of competitions takes real character and all those involved have our admiration and support. It was launched today in PD hour and it was brilliant to hear students of all ages talking about spelling in the dining hall queues.

Congratulations to all of the following you have won through to the next round: Lewis Buntain, Anna Dodsworth, Dylan Chitambira, Joshua Child, Connie Edwards, Ava Harper, Joshua Child, Connie Edwards, Ava Harper Laria Sabah, Moza Abdullah, Millie Lee-Thai, Harry Brattley, Bobby-James Westmoreland, Will Monsey, Charlie Hunter, Tejha Smith, Chloe Wharton, Libby McGrath, Sophie Dennis, Nora Stark, Will Harrison, Louis Johnson, Daisy Spurr, Edward Heffernan, Jess Tucker, Skye Griffin, Emily Swordy, Phoebe Goodwin, Skye Barker, Ava Williams, Joe Barclay, Lucas Charles-Allison, Daniella Atkinson, Ruby Alderson, Edward Gaunt, Harvey Marshall, Lily Hilton-Brooke, Vanshika Singh, Maya Stephens, Harry Lemon, Danny Dunwell, James Tucker, Kiran Hussain, Roya Ikhlasi, Lottie Parker, Sarah Mohamadi, Allix McGrath, Callum Parkinson, Charlie Ball, Aaliyah Harding, Isabella Elliott, Alex Ben-Abdallah, Ben Taylor, Emily Stafford, Madeleine Thompson, Zack Leonard, Nia Hopkins, Holly Waite, Adam Cass, Terisha Ndebele, Chelsea Varley, Daniel Garlick, Lewis Bailey-Hague, Ayisha Mirza, Ellie Garbutt, Sherise Findlay James, Bobbi Leigh McNamara and Charlotte Lambe


To celebrate International Women’s Day we raised the question, in tutor times this morning, of what it would be like to change genders; what would be the advantages and the disadvantages?

We used the video above to initiate discussion; the accompanying PowerPoint is here.


I was very appreciative of the way that staff embraced World Book Day on Thursday; there were so many impressive costumes, but the Maths team dressed as Peter Pan, and Humanities as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory stole the show!


We have recently collected data on the performance of Year 7 and 8 students, which has been reported home. There is much to praise across both year groups, but I wanted to specifically congratulate Matt Doria, Larina Sabah, Harry Smith, Emily Hessey, Arabella Williams and Megan Reynolds, whose effort scores were exemplary. They are all a pleasure to teach.


During PD hour this morning I enjoyed congratulating all of the above for their excellent work last week: Dion Clements Smith, Joel Sergeant, Isaac Joly, Ben Rogers, Tegan Mullaney-Cameron, Lucas Charles-Allison, Stevie Evans, Callum Preston, Tyler Fellows-Linley, Pippa Linden-Howes, Jaideep Matharu, Emma Garlick, Jacob Grimes, Natalie Moore, Zhou Lowton, Luke Jessey, Millie Rockford, Adil Khalil, Hollie Coultard, Riley Hall, Oliver Steel, Aaron Payne-Searston, Leland Kilbride, Jacob Pitman, Ella Thomas, Katelyn Turton and Phoebe Goodwin. Well done to them all.


This week in our Sixth Form we began our ‘Debating Society League’.  First up was a team made up of Abbie Dunwell, Mari Ruddock and Rachel Slater who faced off against Izzy Day, Lily Dowson, Lily Thompson and Evie Wilkinson. Each week the teams are given a contentious topic and a point of view to defend. They have 2 minutes to present an opening argument, 2 minutes to present a rebuttal of the opposing team’s argument, 5 minutes to respond to questions from the audience and 30 seconds to present a closing argument. This week the topic was “Should Shamima Begum be allowed to return to the UK?” Both teams argued and defended their position admirably and there were good questions from Eva Douthwaite, Jack Hobbah and Joe Harris in the audience. Mr McKeogh and Mr Stothart (dressed as Augustus Gloop and an Oompa Loompa due to World Book Day) awarded the tie to Abbie, Mari and Rachel for the quality and clarity of their arguments in what was a very close contest.

Next week two new teams battle it out over the topic “Stacey Doolan and others like her have a ‘White Saviour Complex'”. Roll on next Thursday!


On Wednesday afternoon some of our languages students attended a workshop at The Morley Academy aimed at ensuring that our students secured the top grades of 7-9. They took part in workshops based on three key areas of the exam, tackling the 150 word writing question, being able to answer the literary texts successfully and improving translation skills into the target language. They worked in small groups alongside other students from the TGAT secondary academies and were challenged by the complex activities that they must master to achieve the very highest grades at GCSE. The students were a credit to us all.


On Wednesday, the Year 7 boys’ football team hosted Bishop Young Academy in what turned out to be a very one-sided affair in torrential conditions. We took the lead early on and doubled it very quickly; were it not for the opposition goalkeeper it would have been much more than 2-0 at half time. We came out second half and continued to perform well adding another 3 goals before conceding a late consolation goal. Final score 5-1 with goals from Stevie Evans, Cameron Santer, Lucas Parish and player of the match Harry Smith who also contributed 3 assists.

On Thursday, the same team hosted Leeds East Academy in what proved to be a more one sided affair than the previous night. We played some excellent football in both attack and defence and won the game 9-0. The goals came from Jake Miller, Noah Whittingham, Cameron Santer, Harry Smith, Luke Brooks and player of the match Stevie Evans with a hat trick.

The Year 8 boys’ football team travelled to Roundhay and put in a very hard working, battling performance. We trailed and equalised three times, with the score at 3-3 with ten minutes to go. Unfortunately our opponents stepped up a level and our boys were out on their feet; we conceded three further goals to lose 6-3. The boys worked tirelessly against very strong opposition and showed great character to come back three times. Tyler Johnson scored all of the goals and Finn Brookes was player of the match for a fantastic display from right back.

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